Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Busy never Boring

A day in the life of a Room 101 kindergartner is certainly busy and never boring!  Today, a typically bustling day included much.  We had Mr. Callahan in top help us wrap up our art unit by teaching us one way we could create a self portrait on the ipad.   Nicholas and Matthew's mom helped us work on a direction following activity, and Ms. P came to bring us new animals!  We now have a corn snake and a crayfish visiting our room.

In addition to that we had reading groups with Mrs. Parnell and writing with Mrs.  Hoyt.  We are caring for our plants and exploring 3 dimensional shapes!  We are busy!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Beatrix Potter's Nursery

Room 101 opened Beatrix Potter's Nursery today!

During the coming weeks we will be revisiting the animal families we learned about in the fall. Like Beatrix Potter who had various animals in her nursery, we will be looking at, painting and writing about the creatures that come to see us.

Ms. P from the science center will be bringing us various animals.  Today she arrived with Rosie and some cockroaches.  In the coming weeks we will have toads, turtles, frogs and perhaps even some birds and a bunny in to visit us.

Rosie is an arachnid!

The cockroaches are in the insect family.

Eggstra Fun Day

Room 101 had an eggstra fun afternoon.  We worked on our balance this afternoon and enjoyed the wonderful weather.  We had to carry some plastic eggs with a spoon.  We were challenged to carry the eggs a certain distance without letting the eggs fall. 

It was tricky!  For some of us, we had to learn to move slowly and under control.  It was an exercise in patience!.............and it was lots of fun!