Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Picture Book month closes at Pine Glen

As picture book month at Pine Glen comes to a close Mrs. D'Elia shared The Boy and The Airplane by Mark Pett.  The boys and girls had to really study the illustrations and use their imagination as she presented this wordless circle story.  They read the expressions on the character's face on each page and looked for details and clues as to what may be happening in the story.  

A bit more info on the school book fair

  • Cash, credit cards, and checks payable to Pine Glen LTC
  • Don't forget to add 6.25% sales tax

Pine Glen Book Fair

PG Book Fair


Student Shopping Day -- Wednesday, December 4

  • One Day Only!
  • During school hours
  • Accepting cash and checks payable to Pine Glen LTC
  • Don't forget to include 6.25% sales tax
  • Not accepting orders before the Book Fair. Sorry!

Parent Shopping Day -- Thursday, December 5

  • Stop by before or after your Parent Conference.
  • Great chance to get some holiday shopping done!
  • Accepting cash, credit cards, and checks payable to Pine Glen LTC
  • Don't forget to include 6.25% sales tax

Boy's turkey trot

Girl's turkey trot

We cheered loudly for the 3rd, 4th and 5th graders before we did our own turkey trot!

More Pictures from our day!

Thanksgiving Singing with our Kindergarten Friends

Be sure to check the blog over the next few days for more pictures if our feast, turkey trot and singing!

Three classes ready to sing

Dressed for our feast

Saturday, November 23, 2013


The Native American Board Game is fun to play.  When it is your turn you roll the dice and move the button the number that the dice shows.  You can stay on the place you land only if you can name the item in the picture.  If you can not name the item then you must not move until your next turn.  

This game helps reinforce all the different things we learned about the Native Americans.  We also are practicing our social skills such as taking turns and learning to be good winners and losers.  


Decisions, decisions

We made a bar graph of the costume choices we made.  It was fun to see the graph grow and change with each vote.  The decision was tough but in the end all are happy and looking forward to the feast.  Students will take home both a Native America and Pilgrim child costume so they can wear one at home too.  


Thanksgiving Costume Fashion Show

Volunteers tried on outfits and "walked the runway" so we could make a decision about which costume we would like to wear for our feast.

Thanksgiving is Coming!

Thanksgiving is coming and students in Room 101 have been working hard as we learn about this special holiday.  We have made Pilgrim and Native American costumes, have read and discussed what it must have been like to be a Pilgrim child.  On Friday we practiced eating a meal like Pilgrim children.  Pilgrim children did not have seats at the table and did not speak unless spoken to.

We have built replicas of Native American homes such as the Wetu and the Tee pee and have learned about other homes like the plank home and the Adobe.

Native American Board games were a big hit.  We each made our own and practiced playing at school.  Perhaps our families will help us play at home over the Thanksgiving break!

Next week we will have our Kindergarten Feast.  Although students will be eating their lunches brought from home or purchased in the cafeteria, we will gather in spirit, song and dress and celebrate Thanksgiving!

Prize redemption

We have new prizes!

Room 101 has some new prizes in our basket!  Some students are getting coupons for special opportunities.  If your child picks a coupon prize be sure to send it back for redemption.  Children may have some extra free time on an iPad, get to share a favorite baby picture or book.

This week we had students bring in baby pictures and books!  It is great to give a student the opportunity to share in front of the class!  To speak in front of this "audience" helps them build confidence for future larger audiences.  On Friday we not only looked at a favorite book but had it read to us.  Mrs. Parnell reminded everyone that you do not need to be able to read the story to us if you are bringing in the book.

Supplies Needed!

Help! - We will be using some supplies in the coming weeks/months and would love some help.

Brown Handled shopping bags such as those from Trader Joe's.  During November and December we use at least 3 per child and we are running low.

Sandwich and gallon zip-lock bags.  Quite a few of our smaller projects and activities are stored and shipped home in these bags.

Antibacterial wipes - We use them everyday!  They are great to help keep us healthy and to help us clean up those gluey fingers.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Field Trip Reminder

Reminder - Please send in your child's permission form and fee for the field trip to see the Nutcracker.    We kindly request that all money be sent in by Friday, November 8 as funds are needed to secure tickets to the show.

Thank you!