Friday, May 30, 2014

The State House & Swan Boats were great!

We found the Burlington flag......way up high.
In front of the state house

We saw real swans and a real swan's nest too!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Commuity Helper- Police Officer

Officer Skehan had lots of info to share with us.
His young assistant was very proud!
We are all ready to join the force.  Thank you for our badges.
We did not know this was a police car........until we saw the blue lights flashing!
It was fun to peer inside and see the radio and learn about how it work.  10-4

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Time to release the butterflies.

More Nature Walk photos

A Fiddlehead grows and becomes a Fern.

The bloom likes like a pink pair of ladies ballerina slippers.

We found lots of bugs!

This is really cool!

I can smell the mint.

We went on a Nature Walk with Miss P.

Before beginning our adventure Ms. P spoke with us about living and nonliving things.  
We found an endangered plant..........a pink lady slipper
When we were done exploring we gathered in a circle to discuss some of the cool things we found.  Then Ms. P gave a us each a delicious smelling leave!......It smells like mint!
We were able to release some of our class animals today too.  Both the butterflies and tadpoles were set free.
Check out the fuzzy caterpillar we found!  We also found deer scat, inchworms, frogs and lots of bugs!

More Shapes

Nice diamond.......or should we say, rhombus!
circles, rectangles and squares!
Look what I drew!

We practiced making shapes!

Check out the trapezoid!
Nice Hexagon

Thursday, May 22, 2014

The gerbils joined us for morning meeting!

Natasha and Claire were very active this morning!
They rolled all around the rug and were very entertaining!

Thank You!

A special thank you to Mr. Gilligan.  He is a civil engineer and during his visit this week he shared what he does as a community helper.  Engineers solve problems.  We learned that civil engineers work on the construction and design of our community's infrastructure.  Roads and bridges, tunnels and pipe systems for water to be carried throughout the community are all examples of the types of work he does.

Did you know the first engineers were cavemen.  They created the first wheel!

We really liked the examples of simple machines and engineering concepts demonstrated.  We learned that it is much easier to move a pile of bricks across the rug on wheels!  Our 5 and 6 year old students were able raise the pile off the rug with one finger with the help of engineering design!

There is a lot of safety equipment involved when an engineer goes to a construction site.  He wears a hat, goggles and a safety vest that glows in the dark!
Thank you for our special projects.......students can build something at home!

Community Helper- Civil Engineer

Wheels make it much easier to move a heavy load
With the help of a lever, we could live the bricks with one finger!