Friday, October 30, 2015

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Pumpkin Science

Yesterday we did a science experiment to see if a pumpkin would float or sink. The students predicted whether or not the pumpkin would float or sink. We learned that a pumpkin has buoyancy so it floats! 

We also estimated or made our best guess as to how many seeds were in the pumpkin. We were all shocked when there were 410 seeds in the medium pumpkin!

The students then labeled a diagram of the cross section of the pumpkin. This was a little challenging. But the students kept trying to sound out thecwords and label the diagram correctly. We were pleased with their perseverance.

Next, the students voted for the shapes we should use to create our jack-o-lantern face. The class was pleased with the end result.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Halloween Math

Yesterday and today we played a couple Halloween math games. We played Pumpkins on the Gate and How Many Ghosts. The students had fun applying their computation skills and following directions.

Owl Show

Last Friday, Miss P. from the Burlington Science Center brought Scout the owl to meet the Pine Glen Kindergartners. The students were able to tell Miss P. all the bird animal family characteristics and they learned a few new things about owls! The students were a great audience and at the end of the show all students we allowed to get their photo taken with Scout and Miss P. these photos will be in the kindergarten memory book. Thank you Miss P!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Dr. Curious- Mystery Animal Project

The Pine Glen kindergarten  has partnered up with the Burlington Science Center and Dr. Curious aka Sean Musselman has created a video asking for the kindergartners to use their science expertise to help him figure out what animal family the mysterious animal is in. On Thursday afternoon we used our offices again and we looked at Dr. Curious' Science Journal. We took our own notes to try to figure out what this animal could be!

We were very proud of all the students. They worked very hard at taking notes and discussing their reasoning!

On Friday morning the students used their science notes to draw a picture of what they thought the mysterious creature looked like.

Then, this morning the students wrote a persuasive piece of writing to defend their thinking!  We hope to have Mrs. A. help video the students presenting this writing and their illustration of the mysterious creature. And as a final culmination of our animal unit we hope to have Dr. Curious stop by with the mysterious creature. Hopefully before Halloween!

Friday, October 23, 2015

We Worked in Our Offices with a Special Friend

This week the students were introduced to their bench/rug office spaces. The students have been taught to use a clipboard and their laps to do their work. The students worked on a cross word puzzle on the first set of flashcard words for before school work. One of our classroom pets, Gus the hamster spent some time roaming around the rug area in his ball visiting the students as they worked. The students appeared to enjoy this new work space and seeing Gus up close.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

We Went to the Computer Lab!

Today we went down to the computer lab twice! This morning we all went down as a class to learn how we would use the app on the iPad called Explain Everything. Mrs. A.then recorded each student talking about the animal they drew last week. This was a little assessment to see if the students remembered which animal family the animal they drew belonged to and to tell about a characteristic that belongs to that particular animal family.

This afternoon we went back to the computer lab for a lesson on the parts of the computer and we went to a few websites to practice using the mouse. We will be going back to the computer lab next Thursday to create our own Wild Animal Self to complete our science unit on Animals.

We Filled the Popcorn Jar!

Pajama Day            Standing, Pjs, Pajamas
The children in Room 101 have been working to fill our popcorn jar.  Each time the class does “just the right thing”, receives a compliment or does an act of kindness, we put a scoop of popcorn in the jar. The jar is filled and the children have chosen the way to celebrate this accomplishment.

On Friday, October 23rd the children have chosen to wear their pajamas to school.  It should be a fun day!

Thank you for your help with this activity.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Franklin Park Zoo

We had a GREAT time at the zoo. We saw many animals and the students demonstrated all their new knowledge about the 6 animal families we have learned about at school. Nice job Room 101!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Another Busy Day

On Wednesday Mrs. A came in to help us with another iPad project. The students chose a beanie baby and then drew their animal on the iPad and labeled their drawing. Next week Mrs. A will record the students talking about the characteristics of the animal they drew. Mrs. A will then make a slideshow of our class's work! All the students are working hard learning new information about the animal families and applying their knowledge. We are proud of them.

We also continued to work on our pumpkin book with Damien's mom and we read and highlighted our Human Body book. Then we took a quiz to see what we learned about our bodies!

After lunch and recess we worked on our math. We are almost done with Topic 2. We will be having our unit test on Monday. We are continuing to work on the numbers 1-5, and more than, less than, fewest and most.