Monday, March 20, 2017

Crazy Sock Day

Crazy Sock Day
help raise awareness for Down Syndrome!

Sport your CRAZIEST socks to school on Tuesday, March 21st!

$1 donation is welcome, but not mandatory.  All donations will be given to the National Down Syndrome Society

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Creating and Writing about Leprechauns

During the month of March Mr. Lyons usually has some friends from Ireland visit Pine Glen. These friends are tiny people who listen in on all the classrooms and visit the quiet classrooms that are focused and working well. This year Room 101 had a wee person or leprechaun named Liam visit our classroom. We decorated our classroom with shamrocks for the window and door and we hung rainbow clouds from the ceiling. We created leprechaun pictures on the iPad and then we wrote about what we thought leprechauns looked like. Mrs. Parnell taught us many leprechaun poems and a chant about leprechauns. We also made a book about positional words and used leprechauns to help us remember these words.

Below are photos of us creating our leprechaun pictures and then we shared our iPad drawings and written explanations with Room 103. We explained the project that we did and then Room 103 also did these drawings and writings. Room 103 also had a leprechaun visiting their room. These visits really help the kindergartners focus on their work and and they had great anticipation for when and if the leprechaun would come back to leave his treasure. Liam the leprechaun left us tricky messages we needed to solve by filling in the missing letters. This was hard work to decipher these messages, but it was worth the hard work. Please see next post with all the different treasures he left students in Room 101. We were very LUCKY this year!

Leprechaun Loot!

Liam the leprechaun was very generous this year! The students in Room 101 were focused, quiet and tried very hard during the first half of March. These traits were rewarded by surprise visits from Liam the leprechaun. Liam had left us a note and gave us a job to persuade him to use hiding spots in our classroom for him to leave his treasure. Our students must have persuaded Liam well with their writing because he visited us FIVE times. He left us green good luck coins, gold good luck coins, bracelets, stickers and on St. Patrick's Day he brought us leprechaun hats and green beads!  Thanks Liam!

ST Math Update

So proud of the students in Room 101. We have made it to 70% complete in the ST Math program! Way to go!  We also welcomed the next member of the 100% club. Congratulations Harrison! (Now we have 6 students that have made it to 100%. Now the students who have completed the program (Evan, Owen M., Sophia, Owen C., Dillion and Harrison work on very challenging math problems with their pal JiJi during our ST. Math time). The students in Room 101 continue to rise to challenges put forth in our classroom!

Our Favorite Books!

When we came back from February vacation we started our non-fiction writing on persuasion. Each student brought in their favorite book and shared it with the class and then orally told us what they liked about the book, why they love the book and try to convince us or persuade us that we should read their favorite book too! We then made posters advertising our favorite books. The students did a great job on these posters and when people walk by our bulletin board they stop to read our posters. Just this past Thursday Mr. Donoff helped the students make their own book review videos using the information from the posters they created to persuade others that they should read their favorite book! When the video is completed I will try to post it to the blog for everyone to see. 

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Dr. Seuss Activities with the 4th Graders!

On Friday, March 3rd the 4th graders came to Room 101 to play Pin the Green Egg on the Tray, throw the balls in the Cat in the Hat hat, tic tac toe with hams and eggs and Dr. Seuss Bingo. We also read Dr. Seuss books together! It was a reward enjoyed by all!

Ham & Egg Tic Tac Toe

Color the green egg to pin on the tray!

Blindfolded and turned around to pin the egg on the tray.

Tossing the balls into the "Cat in the Hat" hat.

Reading Dr. Seuss books

Playing Dr. Seuss Bingo!

Read Across Pine Glen

Read Across Pine Glen Day!

On Thursday, March 2nd Room 101 celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday and we Read Across Pine Glen. We Read almost the WHOLE DAY! We started our day off putting on our Dr. Seuss hats. Then we listened to Mrs. Parnell read Green Eggs and Ham. We then proceeded to the gym and had a readathon with the entire Pine Glen population! All adults and children were reading their own books at the same time. It was very impressive! We then went on to read with our 4th grade partners in Mrs. Visocchi’s class. Our next stop was reading with the 5th graders in Miss Lane’s class. Our last stop before lunch was to read with Miss Anderson’s 2nd grade class.

To keep us focused on our reading the last few minutes of our time with each class this morning we stopped for a brain break and we taught the older students about our favorite movement breaks on  The older students enjoyed doing these movements with the kindergartners!

We ventured to lunch and some students tried the green eggs and ham that was offered as a buying lunch choice. We went back to our room to watch a short Dr. Seuss video then we went to recess in the gym. Our last reading stop was with the 3rd graders in Mrs. Cunha’s room.

All the kindergartners were tired leaving! They all read SO MUCH today. We were so proud of their efforts today. We rewarded them with a few fun activities with our 4th grade partners. See next post for pictures of these activities.. We had a lot of FUN!