Thursday, March 29, 2018

"Egg"cellent Fun Days!

On Thursday, March 28th we had our first "egg"cellent day. We started our day with an extension of our color mixing experimentation and we dyed our own spring eggs trying to hard to mix primary colors to create secondary colors. This experiment was challenging but fun! Hopefully all the spring eggs made it home safely! We also cracked eggs and wrote the cvc word contained inside and colored our own spring eggs.

Cracking eggs to read and write CVC words.

Coloring our own spring eggs.

Reading our Number Rumba book! We highlighted the number words and underlined the rhymes.

We also worked on our Teen Number books.

Today we showed our 4th grade partners our book commercials. The 4th graders were very impressed and we persuaded them to read our favorite books! The 4th graders listened and helped us read our books today. 

When we finished reading with our partners we used eggs as fun learning tools! We all participated in a sight word egg hunt!  60 eggs, containing the 60 words we have learned thus far were hidden on the hot top!  We went hunting with a list and when we found a word, we read it and checked it off! This was a fun way to practice our sight words. The students did such a great job focusing and playing the hunt the correct way they all earned a prize! Please monitor your child using thier new fingertip flashlight! 

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Science Center Chick Show

Today Ms. Pavlicek came to Pine Glen and did the Science Center Chick Show. Ms. P. showed us all the different parts of the egg and talked to us about the life cycle of a chicken. We got to meet one of Ms. P.'s chickens from her coop at her house, and Nikki pretended to be the hen and then she sat on her clutch of 10 eggs! The students are very excited about the chicken eggs coming to our classroom on Monday, April 2nd and the eggs should start hatching on Thursday (after the 21 day incubation).