Sunday, April 29, 2018

This Weeks Highlights

We had another busy week in Room 101. We have been sowing our seeds and keeping a science observation journal about their growth and changes. 

We also learned more about shapes. We have been working on our shape book and we have started to use the geobands and geoboards to make shapes. Next week we will use a geobands iPad app to create our shape book cover.

Pine Glen had a whole school reward day and we played board games with our 4th grade partners on Friday. We had a lot of fun!

We also celebrated JiJi's birthday. We wrote about how JiJi helps us overcome challenges and we did ST. Math. Our class is almost at 90%. Nice work everyone! Only 11% more to go before the whole class are members of the 100% club. 

Author Julia Cook Visits Pine Glen

We were so lucky to have Julia Cook (children's book author and former School Counselor) visit Pine Glen for the day on 4/26/18. Check out if you're interested in ordering her books or other materials!  The kindergartners enjoyed this assembly and liked the books that Julia shared with us. They all especially liked the Booger book! Julia even had Mrs. Parnell help her during her presentation. Julia acted like an interrupting student and Mrs. Parnell was the teacher!

This event would not have been possible without the support of the Pine Glen PTO. Thank you so much for your support! We appreciate you!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Getting Right Back to WORK!

We returned from vacation focused and ready to work. We started a new book on planting and we planted our own seeds that we will sow over the next few weeks! We learned that plants need light, water, soil and nutrients to grow and change. Today we read a Let's Find Out on Growing Carrots and we watched a video on plant needs. We also started a science observation journal for our seeds. We are very busy in Room 101. We also focused on our Fundations and Topic 11 in Math (numbers 1-100!)

We were working hard with our Fundations letter boards, creating cvc words, using digraphs and playing first sound fluency bingo.

Congratulations to our newest member of the ST Math 100% club. Great work AJ!

The students worked on creating clay flowers, their science observation notebooks and their Growing Carrots Let's Find Out magazine.

Magical Magnets!

Before vacation Mr. Musselman of the Burlington Science Center was in to visit the kindergartners and shared  his magnet program with us.  We learned how strong magnets can be and discussed many of their uses. Through some scientific exploration we determined that magnets stick to metals like iron, and nickel.  He showed us many different kinds of magnets (such as bar, horseshoe and circular) and told us various stories about them.  We learned about electromagnets. These need electricity to become magnetic. The pull of an electromagnet is only temporary. 

Mr. Musselman challenged our thinking with a few questions.  He asked if size matters.  Are bigger sized magnets stronger than smaller magnets. We also discussed pull and attraction compared to a push and repel and observed magnets with same and opposite poles.