Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day

Today we had a festive Valentine's Day. We started our day by using Lexia on the iPads. Then we had our Secret Valentine exchange. Next, we went up to see our 4th grade partners and made a valentine crafts.  We fit in some ST Math time then we went back to our classroom for our Victorian Luncheon. After lunch we spent some time in the gym. We went back to our classroom and opened our valentines, watched a short valentine video, had snack and it was time to go. Lots of valentine goodies were sent home in the big brown bag today. We hope you have time to look through everything. Thank you to Noah's mom for sending in carnations for our lunch tables. All the students brought home a few carnations today. Also, Thank you to Layali, Noah, Adriana for the Valentine chocolates, Eliza for the chocolate goody bag and Valentine socks and Luke for the beautiful tulips! The Valentine teacher gifts were very thoughtful! Thank you.
              💜💞 Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  💞 💜

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Yea for the 100th Day!

On Wednesday, February 13th we celebrated our 100th day of kindergarten! We started off our day coloring in 100 things on the number 100. We wore our 100 day hats, 100 bead necklaces and reviewed our 100 day mats. We delivered our class Valentines and had our 4th set sight word quiz. After lunch we Bowled in the gym with our 4th grade partners. We tried to get at least 100 points when we played. After the gym we looked at everyone's 100 collections and ended our day with a 100 second scribble. Check out our Instagram video posted earlier today! We had a FUN day!