Thursday, April 30, 2020

May 1 - Read Aloud - Swimmy

Today Ms. Horton, one of our RTI tutors, reads us the story

Swimmy by Leo Lionni. Deep in the sea lives a happy school of fish.
Their watery world is full of wonders, but there is also danger and the
little fish are afraid to come out of hiding… until Swimmy comes along.

After listening to the story, Here are some questions to discuss:
1. How did Swimmy feel when he escaped from the tuna and
swam alone in the deep sea?
2. What helped Swimmy feel happy again?
3. Why didn't the new school of fish want to swim and play and see things?
4. Did Swimmy think the fish were right to lie still so they wouldn't get eaten?
5. Why do you think Swimmy thought what he thought?
6. What did Swimmy do to help the fish solve their problem?
7. Why do you think Swimmy offered to be the eye of the fish?

 After listening to the story color and label the animal characters

Try this counting and graphing worksheet. See which group of
fish has the most. Which has the least?

Color Swimmy and his friends

Move with the Laurie Berkner Band and Let’s Go Swimming

Be sure to think some good thoughts!
Today’s Chant:

Kind hearts
Kind words
Kind voices
Today is a good day to have a good day

Updates On Remote Learning

Updates on remote learning were published by the Town today.  

Here is the link for you to read through the statement.

Two highlights gleaned from the information as Mrs. Parnell looked 
through it are as follows:

1 -  Pre-requisite content standards have been identified.  Activities presented 
on the choice boards from  will focus on these skills.  Supplemental task offered 
by Mrs. Parnell and Mr. Kearney will also support these standards.

2 - An expectation that communities "Develop a system for identifying and 
supporting students not effectively engaged in remote learning."  Let us help you!  
We strongly encourage students participate in our class meetings and are 
completing tasks offered on the choice board.  Share what students are doing 
on Seesaw or email evidence to Mrs. Parnell.

Here is a link to the State's guidelines.

Please contact Mrs. Parnell with any questions you have.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

April 30 - Read Aloud - The Day Teddy Beddy Bear Got Lost

Today our friend Mrs. Fallon reads us the story The Day
the Teddy Beddy Bear Got Lost by Avery Slier. It is about a boy
named Adam who loses his teddy bear on the way home
from the park. Imagine how you would feel if you lost
something special to you. What would you do? 

Listen to this silly song and see if you can pick
out all the rhymes;

 Have fun making your own movable teddy bear.
Color, cut him out and put him together.

Have you ever lost a pet or a pet stuffed animal or toy?
Click below to create your own poster to help find them!

Try this math page where you need to match the sets of
objects to the correct numerals

Check this out - Friday and Saturday will be the
Everywhere Book Fest websiteAuthor/illustrator,
Grace Lin, who we learned about in December will be
featured on Saturday afternoon!  We can learn about her
upcoming book.  Book sale opportunities exist
through the event!

Be sure to think some good thoughts!
Today’s Chant:
I am loved
I am kind

I am awesome

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

April 29 -Read Aloud - Beaky the Greedy Duck

Beaky the Greedy Duck is a clever tale about a
duck that learns an important lesson. She eventually
realizes her mistakes, fixes them, and makes a friend
along the way. Listen to this timeless story read by
Miss Varrell.

What lesson did Beaky the duck learn in this story?
How do you know? Have you learned any valuable lessons
in your life? What are they? Draw, write, or record your
answers on paper or on Seesaw.

Take some notes about different duck facts you learned.
  • Where do they live?
  • What do they eat?
  • How do they grow?

Get some exercise and have some fun while
shaking like a duck! Enjoy this silly shake break!

Do you like to draw? Here is an easy way to learn
one step at a time.

Join Miss Caitie’s Classroom for all kinds of
duck activities.

Be sure to think some good thoughts!
Today’s Chant:
I am loved
I am kind

I am awesome

Monday, April 27, 2020

April 28- Read Aloud- One

Today Ms. Kendall reads the story One by Kathryn Otoshi.
This story  is about bullying and how friends help you find
the courage to stand up for yourself and promotes courage,
open-mindedness and tolerance.


Scavenger Hunt is a great way to build emotional awareness,
perspective taking, whole body listening, and social skills. By
focusing on other people in a relaxed environment, it takes the
pressure off by eliminating the need to interact while
experiencing the various feelings that need to be explored,
recognized and defined. After all, people watching has been a
popular sport throughout history. 


  • Have you ever felt like Blue? Red? Yellow?
  • Tell me when you felt that way?
  • What would you do if you were Blue?
  • Would you stand up for Blue?
  • Has anyone ever said something that made you feel bad?
  • What did you do when that happened?
  • Did anyone help you?
  • Do any of the characters in the book remind you of
  • anyone that you know?
  • Can you give examples of when people you know act
  • like the colorful characters in the book?
My Many Colored Feelings: Putting colors to emotions has
been going on for centuries. After all, some people believe
that the expression “green with envy” goes back to ancient
Greece. Carol Grey made putting colors with emotions popular
with her comic strip conversations. This activity helps children
process their emotions using color as a visual aid.
visual exercise to help children identify and process feelings.
Explore Their Feelings: Balloons are one of the best
inventions ever! There are an endless amount of ways to
have fun with balloons, so coming up with this idea to use
balloons to explore feelings was natural. These balloon people
help children explore and identify their emotions in a fun
and playful way. Don’t be surprised if a tribe of balloon people
invades your house.
Move to a couple GoNoodle songs that deal with
feelings and mood- Be Nice or Mood Walk
Mrs. deSalvador is back - this time she is sharing a poem!

Be sure to think some good thoughts!
Today’s Chant:
I am loved
I am kind
I am awesome

Sunday, April 26, 2020

April 27 - Read Aloud - Imogene’s Antlers

Today’s read aloud is Imogene’s Antlers by David Small.

Mrs. Kearney shares this story with us. This book is about

a girl who wakes up with antlers on her head. Her whole 

family is in dismay as they see her walking down for 

breakfast. They try and cover the antlers up, but find it 

is impossible. Then, others around her find good use 

of her antlers,and make the best out of them.

Questions to discuss after listening to the story;

*What were some of the difficulties Imogene had
after her antlers appeared?
*What did her brother believe happened to Imogene?
What do you think?
*Why was her mother upset? How did she try to solve
Imogene’s dilemma? 
*How do you think Imogene felt about her antlers? What
would you think if it happened to you?

What would you do if you woke up one morning and had
grown antlers on your head? Write a story about how you
would handle that crazy situation!

After you write a story, illustrate a picture of yourself
with antlers and how you might decorate or disguise them.

Dance to this GoNoodle about another animal with
antlers… a moose!

Try another Mystery Bag challenge with Mrs. deSalvador!

Be sure to think some good thoughts!
Today’s Chant:

Good, better, best.
Never let it rest.
Until your good is better,

And your better is your best!

Thursday, April 23, 2020

April 24 - Read Aloud - Ten Black Dots

Today, April 24th is JiJi Day.  JiJi asks, “Waddle you do
to celebrate JiJi Day?”.  Be sure to visit the BPS math blog
to find special math activities and challenges.  Also, check
your Seesaw account to answer the challenge!

The principles associated with JiJi: Perseverance through
challenges, a love of learning and the thrill of success!

JiJi has a special message for us:

Mrs. Hoyt reads Ten Black Dots by Donald Crews and asks,
“What can you do with 10 black dots?”

4th grade friends were asked to think about this and
here is a sample answer.

Now it is your turn.  Draw 10 black dots on a piece of paper -
what can you create?

Mrs. Kerr and  JiJi toured all around Town - can you guess
where these photos were taken?  View the movie and pause
to think about each location!

Dig out your own JiJi and take a photo with it someone
where at your house. - Can’t find  your JiJi -

Try sudoku - JiJi style!

Be sure to spend some time doing ST Math today!

Share your JiJi celebrations with teachers and then watch
for them at the following JiJi sites:

Be sure to think some good thoughts!

Today’s Chant:
Kind hearts
Kind words
Kind voices

Today is a good day to have a good day