January Newsletter

Dear Parents,

January is apt to be a long, bleak month, both cold and snowy, and it can be a let down after the holidays.  So, we have planned several activities to put a little zip into what can be a drab period.

To begin the month, we will immerse the children in the multidisciplinary study BLANKETS AND QUILTS.  We will look at blankets, quilts and afghans.  During the long, cold winter months these items are a necessity in New England.  We will assign a date to each student to bring in and share their special quilt, blanket or afghan.  Please see attached calendar with your child’s date to share their special item.  Please tell your child not to talk with their classmates about their special item because we will be playing a guessing game to see what we can find out before the unveiling!

Our language arts focus will introduce the children to the storytelling power of quilts, and the children will be encouraged to tell and write stories about their own blankets.  To help with personal story efforts, we will be reading a superb collection of children’s books that enrich this topic.  We will also start Unit 2 in our Fundations phonics program.  We will be reviewing the capital letters at a quick pace.  We will work with beginning and ending consonant sounds in words and we will look more closely at syllable counts in words.

Math skills will be practiced as the children solve measurement problems with the quilts and blankets.  With appropriate measurement blocks and tools, the students will work our perimeter and area computations as well as some interesting tasks.

This special focus on quilts will accompany our regular EnVision Math program.  In EnVision Math we will be working on Topic 6- “Understanding Addition”.  In this topic we will learn to join two groups and decide how many there are in all.  We will also learn to represent joining situations as equations using the symbols + and =.

As a special event Wendy Pavlicek from the Burlington Science Center will be visiting the kindergartners to show us the multifaceted Hedgehog program.  We will learn about the hedgehog and other animals from the Jan Brett story, The Mitten.  Ms. P.’s program will cover continents, animal habitats and traits of living things.

In Social Studies we will learn about the seven continents. Students will be able to find and locate the continents on a map and on the globe. We will learn a continent song and create a book for this topic.

So, that is January.  We are most grateful for your continued support, and wish each of you a most happy and healthy New Year.
Melissa Parnell

Kathleen Kearney

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