November Newsletter

Dear Parents,
We have entered our third month of kindergarten!  The time is passing so quickly.  With the Halloween festivities over, we can focus on a new month of learning.  November is a quick month with many days off.  Below is a list of dates we are not in school.

Tuesday, November 8th- Election Day
Thursday, November 10th - Staff Development Day
Friday, November 11th- Veterans Day
Wednesday, November 23rd- is a ½ day- dismissal @ 11:30
Thursday, November 24th- Thanksgiving
Friday, November 25th- day after Thanksgiving

We will learn about the following units of study during the month of November.

In language arts we will begin working with game making.  We hope to increase the children’s vocabulary and to provide practice with expressive and creative languages.  The children should also gain practice with the language involved with following directions and the socially appropriate behaviors that go along with game playing.

In math, we will continue to work on Topic 3:  Numbers 6-10. Topic 3 continues the counting sequence with a focus on numbers 6-10. It also highlights the principles necessary for accurate countin, as well as featuring a variety of representations including numeral writing. We will move on to Topic 4: Comparing Numbers 0 to 10 towards the endo of the month.Topics 1-3 along with Topic 4 all instruct the Kindergarten Big Ideas of:

  • Number Uses, Classification, and representation
  • Numbers and the Number Line
  • The Base-Ten Numeration System
  • Comparison and Relationships
  • Patterns, Relations, and Functions
  • Practices, Processes, and Proficiencies

We will also continue to work on ST Math. The town of Burlington is piloting the ST Math program in one kindergarten class in each of the elementary schools. We are the lucky class at Pine Glen. The kindergarten program requires 60 minutes of instruction on ST Math for kidergartners. For the first few weeks we are making sure the students are understanding the how ST Math works and next month we will start assigning this program as part of homework. We hope this will be something the students will WANT to do. The students have been enjoying helping JiJi solve math problems. They have been asking to do this everyday and are excited when we say that we are doing ST Math. Burlington has been using ST Math in first, and second grade classrooms and this year the pilot is happening in kindergarten and 3rd grade.  Some of our students are familiar with JiJi and ST Math because they have seen JiJi being used by older siblings.

The social studies curriculum for the month will focus on Thanksgiving and family traditions.  We will talk about our classroom families, where we are originally from, things that are wonderful and special and what we do on Thanksgiving.  

November’s science unit will build upon our October study of animals, living things and the body.  We will learn about the foods necessary to maintain a healthy body.  Our November book about Thanksgiving will feature healthy vegetables!

A special November event is our annual feast! This event will take place on Monday, November 21st at our regular lunch time.  We will create special placemats and we will eat our own lunches from home or from the cafeteria.  We will sit with other kindergartners and sing Thanksgiving songs together.
Happy Autumn!

Melissa & Kathleen

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