October Newsletter

Greetings from Pine Glen Kindergarten Room 101!

We have completed our first month of school, and we are making progress in kindergarten.  Our greatest concern this past month has been your child’s adjustment to the new school environment.  School marks a major change in your child’s life.  The first year is important.  It is now that children develop attitudes about themselves, their personal status among their peers, and their like and dislike of learning.  These attitudes can follow them through all their school years.  

Hopefully, all will run smoothly!  If not, we urge you to come in and freely talk over any concerns your child may be experiencing.  We will be happy to spend time with you.  We are all interested in promoting a happy, profitable learning experience for your child.

So that you might better understand what will be happening with your child in the coming weeks, we would like to preview the month for you.  In our basic skills area, we will continue our work with color and shape, and we will continue our in-depth study of the numbers 1 to 10.  This will involve identification of numerals, making sets, using concepts of more, less and equal, and writing the numerals.

Our language arts unit will focus on bookmaking.  This is a creative language experience.  It helps children build expressive language skills and reinforces the connection between the spoken and written word.  Bookmaking fosters a sensitivity toward print and an awareness of how books come about.

In our Math program, enVision 2.0 Math Common Core, the children will be completing Topic 1 and working on Topic 2 – Comparing and Ordering 0-5.  In this topic the students will develop ideas on comparison and relationships of numbers, expressions, measures and objects can be compared and related to other objects in different ways. Students will also learn that numbers can be used for different purposes, and numbers can be classified and represented in different ways.  The last skill learned in this topic is mathematical content and practices can be applied to solve problems.

We will study two Science units during the month of October.  We will begin with studying animal characteristics and living versus nonliving things in preparation for our field trip to the Franklin Park Zoo.  Our field trip will be on Friday, October 28th (weather permitting).  Please fill out the permission slip and send in the $13.00 cash to cover the cost for the field trip.  

The body is our second unit for the month.  It is the first of a two-part study.  This unit will lay the foundation for nutrition in November.  The month of October is an ideal time to explore bones, bone structure and blood with children.  We have the assistance of so many skeletons and vampires!

We have had a wonderful first month of school with your child and we look forward to a very enjoyable year.

Thank you for your continued support.

Melissa Parnell & Kathleen Kearney

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