Tuesday, March 31, 2020

April 1 - Read Aloud - The Wednesday's Surprise

Every Wednesday Anna and her brother Sam work

with their grandmother to make a surprise for

Dad’s birthday. When his birthday finally comes

around they cannot wait to share what they have

done for him. Mrs. Hoyt shares Eve Bunting's story,

The Wednesday Surprise.

Do you love parties and surprises?  Think of a time when you
had a happy surprise!

Many long words are in this story.  See if you can figure out
how many syllables are in each of the following words:

Surprise literate help party
read grandchild birthday granny

Then find the words in the attached word hunt!

Birthday coloring!  Print and color this fun page!

Here is another fun book about a birthday party!  

Be sure to think some good thoughts!
Today’s Chant:

Kind hearts
Kind words
Kind voices
Today is a good day to have a good day

Happy April - April is celebrated as Poetry month and
Autism Awareness month. Tomorrow, April 2nd is World
Autism Awareness Day. Please wear blue for our district-
wide spirit day! Take a picture of everyone in the house who
is wearing blue on April 2nd and send the photo to Mrs. Parnell.
The District will be making a special slide show - watch for it!

Monday, March 30, 2020

March 31 - Read Aloud - Bravery Soup

Today our read aloud is brought to us

by Mrs. Kim one of Pine Glen's ELL teachers.

Mrs. Kim shares the story Bravery Soup by Maryann


Poor Carlin was afraid of everything!  Good thing he
has a great friend like Big Bear to support him. Can
you think of a time when you needed to be brave?
Maybe it was when you had to turn off the lights to
go to sleep or when you were going to get a shot at
the doctor’s office, or maybe even the first day of

Draw a picture and write about when you were brave.

Big Bear is a good friend….let’s go on a bear hunt to
find another bear! Dr. Jean Song - Bear Hunt

Bravery Soup - makes us think of Chicken Soup
With Rice by Maurice Sendak. If you are able
to download this booklet, you can color your own
Chicken Soup With Rice book and practice the
months.  You can also listen along

Chicken Soup With Rice helps us remember the
months - Do you remember how to dance the
months?...tomorrow brings us our new month!  Good-bye
March and Hello April…..time to do the macarena!

Rainy cool March day and books about soup - perhaps
it is time to cook and help make lunch - try this soup recipe!  

Be sure to think some good thoughts!

Today’s Chant:

I am loved
I am kind
I am awesome….and I am brave!

Want To Hangout?

Lots of information was included in the email sent
out yesterday. We would like to draw your attention
to the opportunity to have a video meeting this week!
Keeping in touch and connected is our top priority -
that is true for both our students and our families. 
We would like to offer an opportunity to try a
Google Hangouts Meet for our students which
will be small meetings with only 4 students to start. 
Here is the information on scheduling
Here is a link to the sign up sheet
Sign-Up to Google Hangouts Meet with
Mrs. Parnell  (I sure hope I created this Sign-Up correctly!)
and Here are some guidelines to help us experience
it together!

No Stress - We've Got This

Lots of information shared with families about remote learning. 
Lots of questions and worries? We are in this together!

Our number 1 priority is the physical and emotional well-being
of our students and families. 

Adults are trying to do it all - work from home, child-care, self care. 
School Administrators and teachers are also puzzling over doing it all.

Take care of you and take care of your children.  Emotional and
We are supporting and cheering from home!  Learning new things
like Seesaw may be a challenge.  Having trouble uploading
student work, no worries, email material directly to you teachers.  

Visit the Child Mind Institute for support and resources including
information on self-care, anxiety, behavior management, siblings,
mindfulness and more!

Contact us for help with anything - not only academic work - 
We are eager to be involved!

Kindergarten Teacher Contacts:
Karen Hoyt- khoyt@bpsk12.org
Melissa Parnell- parnell@bpsk12.org
Ashley Petelle - apetelle@bpsk12.org 

ELL - Karen Kim - kkim@bpsk12.org 
Special Education - Noreen Groom  - groom@bpsk12.org 
Guidance - Alyssa Kendall -akendall@bpsk12.org 
School Psychologist - Madeline Perry - mperry@bpsk12.org 
Speech and Language - Paige Burke -pburke@bpsk12.org
Physical Therapy - Kim Russell - krussell@bpsk12.org 
Reading Specialist - Deidre de Salvador - salvador@bpsk12.org 
Occupational Therapist - Amy Haroutunian - aharoutunian@bpsk12.org
Teacher Librarian - Rachel Small - rsmall@bpsk12.org

We Are Strong and Resilient - We got this!



Sunday, March 29, 2020

March 30 - Read Aloud- We Are Growing

Today’s read out loud is brought to us by Mr. Musselman
from the Burlington Science Center. Mr. Musselman shares
the story We Are Growing by Laurie Keller. Walt and his
friends are growing up fast! Everyone is the something-est.
What about Walt? Walt discovers something special of his
own with a big surprise at the end!!

Draw a picture about what this book makes you think of. 
Maybe you can use speech bubbles like Mo Willems does
to write about your illustration!
Or you could write about your favorite part of the book 
Or you could write about what happened to Walt at the
end of the story.

Check out this video for the Growing Up Song.

Try watching and doing these GoNoodle activities.
Flex (one of our class favorites)

You could try this jumping activity- Have a distance jumping
contest with your family by having a starting point and then
using an object or toy to mark how far each person jumped.
Who jumped the farthest? Does the tallest person in your
house jump the furthest? How can you measure the distance
of the jumps?

Keep Breathing

I'm thinking that we each need to find ways to keep our levels of stress in check. These strategies were presented by Youth Issues but they are great ideas for the adults and the kids.  Try it out....

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Chick Update from Ms. P.

Ms. P. just sent out this video for you to watch. Remember to observe the chicks closely with your eyes! What has happened to the chicks? Tell me about what you notice.