Friday, October 13, 2017

Happy Diwali

Pine Glen has many families celebrating Diwali next week.  The Town of Burlington will be hosting it's first ever

 Diwali celebration on the Town common this Sunday, 
October 15.  See link to Patch Article and details.

We wish our friends Happy Diwali. Room 101 will learn 
and share about different holidays celebrated in Burlington 
soon. If your family celebrates Diwali, please share a few 
photos of your celebration.  Photos are helpful tools as they 
give our young students some discussion points that help 
facilitate our discussions about their experiences.  Please 
email family celebration photos to Mrs. Parnell.

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Pine Glen Celtics Day is coming- This Tuesday 10/17!

Image result for Boston Celtics Logo

Students are invited to wear Celtics or green clothes on Tuesday, October 17th, to school to show our support for the Boston Celtics for the first game of the season!

Reward Day!

Today was our first Reward Day for filling the popcorn jar. The students voted for what they wanted their reward to be and we had a tie, so we combined the activities and had a great day. We watched Mickey's House of Villains and we ran many races around the playground area! We also practiced our flashcard words, moved to Go Noodle, went to the library and worked on ST Math. I'm sure you will have tired children tonight!

Congratulations to the students who did their journal writing about their highlight of the week. We had 11 students participate this week and earn a prize!

Highlights of Week 5

Our 5th week was busy as usual! We worked on many things including...

We played roll and record the flashcard word.

We worked on our 5 Little Pumpkins book.

We learned how to write the letter f.

We used the Fundations letter boards for the first time!

We also learned about the letter m.

We had some time at choices. The block area is a popular choice.

In Science we learned more about Living and Non-living things.

We had Weather Wednesday and recorded the weather in our observation books.

We rolled the dice and then matched the number on the ghost using the bingo stampers.

We worked on our Body books.

We wrote in our journals.

We learned about the number 7.

Thank you to Mrs. Faranda and Mrs. Dyment for helping us in the classroom this week.

Mr. Musselman's Cloud Show

The students in Room 101 have been learning a lot about the weather. We have been tracking what kind of weather we have been having and what the temperature it is daily. The students are starting to sense how warm or cold the temperature is when they predict or guess what color link we need to add for the day! We have been having many red and orange links lately since it has been so warm- 60 (yellow) and 70 (orange) degree days. Yesterday we added our first green link. It was only 57 degrees yesterday!

Mr. Musselman came in and read us a book about Clouds. We learned about Cirrus, Cumulus, Nimbus and Stratus clouds and how sometimes the clouds can predict the weather! Then Mr. Musselman preformed a science experiment for us. He created a cloud. He started with a large glass container and he put some water in it. Then he put the container on a hotplate and turned it on.  He then cover the water container with a metal container filled with ice.  After the container with ice sat on the water container for a few minutes he then light a match and dropped it in the water (to add some dust). Then a cloud formed in the container and then he released the cloud into the classroom. The students watched the cloud dissipate or disappear into the air in our classroom!

Charlie Eats Lunch!

We fed Charlie the corn snake this week. We talked more about living and non-living and that all living things need to food to survive. We had to wait a few minutes while Charlie checked out his food then ate it. The kindergartners were amazed watching Charlie eat. Charlie stretched his jaw open really far to eat the mouse whole!

Pine Glen Kindergarten Students Are Grant Recipients!

The Pine Glen Kindergartners will be experiencing some different learning opportunities 
this year thanks the generosity of the Burlington Education Foundation.  Fine Motor Boot 
Camp will help teachers support students in the area of fine motor, language, and social skills.  We will work on hand-eye coordination, pre-writing, pincer grip, dexterity, visual perception and more! 

This project is funded by a grant from the Burlington 
Education Foundation.

"The BEF's mission is to channel donations from
businesses and individuals to provide Burlington 
educators with an additional source of funding for 
creative and innovative curriculum enrichment programs. "