Sunday, January 21, 2018

Snowpeople Building!

A couple weeks ago we worked with the 4th graders to create our snowman glyphs. On Friday we went outside in the snow and built our own snowpeople. During recess the 4th graders joined us and helped us build and add details to the snowpeople. Next week we will be using what we learned through this experience to write our own instructional writing on "How to Build a Snowperson".  We had so much fun!

Highlights of the week

We were busy this 4 day week at school. We are continuing to work on our capital letters, our dictionaries, Sea Life books, writing and addition. We saw more special blankets, quilts and afghans and we helped to make 6 more personal paper quilts. Mr. Donoff visited and coded with us. We started learning about the 7 continents. We went to the library and used the Maker Space. We went to art class and created flower pictures for the PTO Art fundraiser. We learned about fish and labeled them. Mr. Papadonis from the Burlington Science Center came and did the Superfish Show for us to prepare us for our Aquarium trip next week and we built snow people with our 4th grade partners to get us ready for our instructional writing unit. See separate post on our snow people building. We accomplished a lot in 4 days!

Art Class

Learning Commons Maker Space- The students used 
Legos and a Tangram app on the iPads.