Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!

The students in Room 101 had a wonderful day! So many smiles and kind words were exchanged. The students did a terrific job creating their Special Valentines. We were impressed that they were all able to keep the secret for over a month! We had many creative Valentine's this year from dream catchers, t-shirts, homemade crayons, wall hanging, bird house, homemade book and photo puzzle.  Nice work Room 101! All the students in Room 101 felt special today!

After we exchanged our Special Valentine's we went to the computer lab and Mr. Donoff had a couple Valentine activities for the students to do on the chrome books. We took a minute to take a class photo. The students looked so beautiful and handsome all dressed up for our special day!

After our time in the lab we went back to our classroom for our Victorian Luncheon.  We had a delicious luncheon with the ambiance of candlelight!  Students practiced appropriate dining conversation and demonstrated terrific table manners! Thank you to the Pine Glen kitchen staff. Our luncheon was a success thanks to Carol and Kathy for helping to make this day possible for us!

After our luncheon the students had time to open their class Valentine's. The students enjoyed reading all the notes and cards they received from their classmates.

We ended our day with a journal entry about our day for each students' memory books and the students worked on ST Math. It was a busy day. I think we will all be tired tomorrow!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Room 101 Update!

File:Heart of snow.JPG

Snow Day

Today - Monday, February 13 is a snow day! The snow appears to be good snowman making snow. We haven’t sent home our instructional writing yet, but the students in Room 101 wrote directions on how to build a snowman. Please ask your child the steps to build a snowman. If you do happen to build a snowman please email the pictures to Mrs. Parnell so we can share with the class! These writing projects will be sent home this week.... Envelope, Valentine, Day, ...

Valentine’s Day

Tomorrow - Tuesday, February 14th we will have our Victorian Valentine Celebration.
NO lunches are needed!

                      Please remember to bring your
                  Special Valentine to school tomorrow!

Remember we will be dressing “fancy” for this event!  Remember your manners…

If your child has purchased/made individual valentines, he/she is welcome to bring them to school tomorrow too.

Note:  We will celebrate with our luncheon and gift exchange even if there is a delay on Tuesday!

100th Day

Due to our snow day weather cancellations, our 100th day will be postponed until after the February vacation.  Stay tuned for a special note to go home in backpacks later this week.Yoga, Exercise, Gymnastics ...

Thank for your flexibility as we compete with Mother Nature!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Super Bowl Predictions

To cheer on the Patriots we did a few fun activities Friday afternoon. We made Patriot helmet headbands, we did a few team building cheers, we made predictions of what we think the Super bowl score will be and who will WIN. We also made up our own victory dances! Be sure to ask your child to demonstrate their victory dance when the Patriots score their touchdowns! (We did have a few Falcon fans, and they were a little upset with our Patriots party). We all need to remember it is just a game. I hope our Kindergarten students are not too tired on Monday.

Bowling Reward with our 4th Grade Partners!

Students in Room 101 filled their Popcorn Reward Jar and voted to bowl as a reward. Miss Govoni Pine Glen's Physical Education Teacher grated us permission to use the gym and with her help and the assistance of our 4th grade partners in Mrs. Visocchi's room we had another AWESOME experience!  It was so wonderful to see how excited the students were to be having fun with their classmates and buddies orally communicating and exercising! I'm sure the students will remember this experience!