Sunday, March 18, 2018

Leprechaun Fun!

Over the past three weeks we did different activities to entice leprechauns to visit our classroom. We made shamrocks for our classroom door and windows. We learned leprechaun poems and songs. We made a leprechaun drawing on the iPad and then wrote about what the students thought a leprechaun looked like. The students wrote about why they thought they were lucky. Liam the leprechaun did visit our classroom a few times and left us tricky messages that we turned into our Kindergarten News. Liam asked the students to write to him and tell him where a good hiding spot in the classroom would be to hide his treasure while he was here visiting Pine Glen from Ireland. The students wrote persuasive letters to Liam to tell him where a good hiding place would be and why they thought it was a good place. Liam must have been impressed by these letters because he left treasure for the students a few times! The kindergartners also worked on a leprechaun book about prepositions on location words (above, under, in, on, beside, left and right). We celebrated St. Patrick's Day one day early, on March 16th. We ended our day reading two books about leprechauns.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

More Snow Day FUN!

Today was the 4th snow day in two weeks. The students and parents are starting to go stir crazy. We continued to challenge our students to do some academic work and play in the snow. We are looking forward to things getting back to normal (and hoping that more snow predicted for next Tuesday and Wednesday passes below New England instead of hitting us again- fingers crossed!)  Here are some pictures of what our students were up to today!

Make sure to get some rest! We have a busy day scheduled tomorrow. So much to learn. 😁

AJ practiced his flashcards!

AJ also worked on his homework.

Zoe spent some time on her homework and reading her book.

Ben also spent time reading his reading group book.

Gabby was busy today writing and illustrating her own book about fairies.

Looks like she is working so hard. I can't wait to see her book.

Jackson spent time reading about his favorite sport- hockey!
Looks like a great book. Gretzky was one of the best!
AJ also build an amazing train track! Looks like a fun place to play!

AJ also spent time out in the snow. 

What a busy day! Be sure to get some rests so you are ready for school tomorrow!

Zoe also spent some time out in the snow!

Sebastian looks like he is having fun in the snow too!

Garrett looks ready for the snow with his ski goggles on.
Notice Brooke's legs sticking out of the tunnel they made!

Dominic had fun sledding. Looks like fun!

Carnival Volunteers Still Needed

Carnival Volunteers Needed!

by Pine Glen PTO
TentLooking for volunteers for this weekend! Please visit the signup genius page to volunteer.


Students in room 101 accepted our Snow Day Challenge and spent yesterday being very productive! 

Burlington got 24.2 inches of snow yesterday and we are home again with ANOTHER SNOW DAY! We hope students will continue to meet the challenge. Here are some more ideas to help keep students engaged in learning while home for the 4th snow day in two weeks.  If your child participates in learning today please email me pictures. I will plan to post another blog post on how our students spent their snow day continuing to LEARN! Please send pictures by 2:00 pm. Thanks!

Additional Ideas:
  • Work on a puzzle!
  • Ask for mom and dad's help and make a movie! - tell a story!
  • Read a book - keep track on the 5 star general form!
  • Write a book - or a story or a journal about the day!
  • Try a science experiment! - Try to make an egg float. Guess how long it will take a cup of snow to melt in the house. Explore sink vs float in the bathtub or try to figure out how magnets work!
  • Bake something together! - There is lots of math in reading recipes and measuring!
  • Count those coins and prepare them for deposit - Kindergartners are excellent counters!
  • Help sort and fold the laundry.
  • Log in to one of your accounts and read on Raz Kids, help JiJi in his travels by working on ST Math, or log onto Symphony Math.
  • Use your procedural text and build a snowman!
  • Write a persuasive note or poster to convince Mother Nature it is time for Spring!
  • Draw a picture of the life-cycle of a living thing.

Mrs. Parnell and Mrs. Kearney are looking forward to seeing our friends back at school soon!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Snow Day Challenge Participants!

We are so excited that SO MANY of our students chose to participate in our Snow Day Challenge. WAY TO GO! We are so impressed that you spent some time today working on your school work. We cannot wait to see what you turn in when we return to school. We are so PROUD of our students!  At the time of this post parents of 12 students had sent me pictures of their child participating in some type of academic work - JUST AMAZING! 

AJ is working on the Let's Find Out online resource. Awesome Job AJ!

Zoe is working on the Let's Find Out sight word worksheet. Looking great Zoe!

Pranila is working on her writing about the penguin book she read.
Very impressive Pranila!

Garrett is in a thinking position, working on his sight word worksheet!
Nice going Garrett!

Jackson is also working hard on his sight word paper. I can also see that he
has his homework folder and book pouch out ready to work on. Super Job Jackson!

Matthew is working on finding sight words in the Let's Find Out text.
Excellent Effort Matthew! 

Gabby is also working on the Let's Find Out online component. Great Job Gabby!

Taylor is working hard on the Let's Find out online game. She is really focusing here!

Ben is reading hie book on penguins. So glad to see students reading, Love it!

Dominc is working on his sight word paper! Off to a great start

Connor worked on his writing.

Connor also worked on his sight word worksheet.

Connor also worked on his flashcards! WOW! Way to go Connor.

Ben chose to work on ST Math before attempting his Snow Day Challenge. 
So glad that you are spending time on exercising your brain today Ben!

Pranila also spent some time on ST Math!

Sebastian was absent yesterday so he did not get the Snow Day Challenge.
So happy to see that you are spending some time reading today! Nice Job Sebastian!

AJ ventured outside to play and get some fresh air! Hope you had fun!

Snow Day Challenge!

Yesterday we sent home a Snow Day Challenge to our kindergartners because the weather forecast did not look good for today and we have had a lot of time off and we were hoping to have our students be engaged in academics at least part of the day! 
Snow Days- March 2018

Dear Parents-

With yet another potential snow day looming Mrs. Parnell and Mrs. Kearney were thinking that our kindergarten friends might miss working with us as much as we miss reading and writing with them!  With that in mind, we have put together a snow day challenge. If it does not snow, please feel free to try the challenge anyway if you would like and earn a prize! Of course we also encourage everyone to get outside and enjoy playing in the snow, if it is safe to do so!  

If your child does participate in the school work challenge or plays in the snow please try to email me pictures of them working on their school work on the snow day, and/or playing in the snow. I hope to create a blog post about all our hard working students who have missed a learning day at school, but are continuing to learn at home and I’d like to try to tweet about all their hard work!  I will check my email a few times throughout the morning and early afternoon and then create the blog post and tweet!

Let’s Find Out - Read the attached edition of Let’s Find Out- Penguins Can’t Fly! What can they do? with someone at home.  Hunt for and circle any of our kindergarten high frequency words you find! (see list below)
  • Log on to the Scholastic website:  and sign in as a student using the password: see home letter. Select the magazine and you can listen as it is read to you, play a game and watch a video!  Parents can also download the app to an ipad if you have one too!
  • Complete the enclosed worksheets.
  • Answer the writing prompt

Room 101 Sight Word List

I, did, the, to, we, like, made, said, and, went

my, you, look, saw, where, had, make, see, in, for

me, has, or, from, his, she, by, a, are

it, no, up, so, an, go, at, can, am

be, of, do, as, is, he, they, was, have, on (this set has not been sent home yet)

zero, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten

Writing Prompt:
What did the Let’s Find Out magazine make you think about?  Did you learn anything new or interesting? Do you have any questions about what you read about?  Answer may be written on the back of this sheet, in your winter journal or on a piece of paper from home.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Singing the Numeral Song

Last week we started reinforcing the number words at school. The number word flashcards were sent home a couple weeks ago and we want to make sure we give the students time to practice at school. We started learning about the number words by singing the numeral words song by Dr. Jean. The students hold up numeral words, ten frames, tally stick cards, numerals or the correct number of fingers as we sing the song. The students also started illustrating their Number Rumba book.