Thursday, March 21, 2019

Science Center Chick Show

Today Ms. Pavlicek came to Pine Glen and did the Science Center Chick Show. Ms. P. showed us all the different parts of the egg and talked to us about the life cycle of a chicken. We got to meet one of Ms. P.'s chickens from her coop at her house, and Quinn from Room 103 pretended to be the hen and then she sat on her clutch of 10 eggs! The students are very excited about the chicken eggs coming to our classroom on Monday, March 25th and the eggs should start hatching on Thursday, March 28th (after the 21 day incubation).

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

We Know Some Good Books- Check them Out!

Not only do we enjoy a good book, we also want to share it with you!  As persuasive writers we created posters to convince you to read our books and then even recorded mini commercials! Thank you to the Pine Glen Learning Commons Teachers for helping us create these!   Please preview our commercials below!  

Our book posters are on display on the bulletin board out in the hallway to help persuade future  readers to consider selecting one of our favorite books!

Here is the list of books we would recommend:

Leprechaun Fun!

Over the past three weeks we did different activities to entice leprechauns to visit our classroom. We made shamrocks for our classroom door and windows. We learned leprechaun poems and songs. We made a leprechaun drawing on the iPad and then wrote about what the students thought a leprechaun looked like. The students wrote about why they thought they were lucky. Liam the leprechaun did visit our classroom a few times and left us tricky messages that we turned into our Kindergarten News. Liam asked the students to write to him and tell him where a good hiding spot in the classroom would be to hide his treasure while he was here visiting Pine Glen from Ireland. The students wrote persuasive letters to Liam to tell him where a good hiding place would be and why they thought it was a good place. Liam must have been impressed by these letters because he left treasure for the students a few times! The kindergartners also worked on a leprechaun book about prepositions on location words (above, under, in, on, beside, left and right). We celebrated St. Patrick's Day two days early, on March 15th. We ended our day reading two books about leprechauns.

Friday, March 8, 2019

Liam the Leprechaun & Dr. Seuss Games!

We started our day with another letter from Liam the leprechaun. Liam hid some of his good luck coins in the spots our kindergartners wrote saying were good hiding spots. The students were very excited to receive their first treasures from Liam. Mr. Lyons stopped by and shared in our excitement! We hope Liam will be back next week! Then our 4th grade partners came down and we all played Dr. Seuss themed games. We had Pin the Green Egg on the Tray, throw the balls in the Cat in the Hat hat, tic tac toe with hams and eggs and Dr. Seuss Bingo. After recess we made up our own number stories and worked on ST Math or Symphony Math. We ended our day with a quick Dr. Seuss video. We had a FUN FRIDAY! Remember NO SCHOOL on Monday.