Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Aquarium Field Trip

We had a wonderful day exploring life sciences at the New England Aquarium!  Students used all their senses as they listened to touched, smelled and saw a wide range of reptiles, fish, birds and more. The students were able to identify living and non-living items at the aquarium and experience seeing the sea creatures up close. It was a LOT of fun! 

We traveled to the top of the giant tank to see Myrtle, the 90+ year old sea turtle. Students rolled up sleeves and dunked hands in the giant touch tank. (Many students did have wet sleeves. The tank is deeper than it looks). Students were able to touch sting rays and sharks! The Edge of the Sea touch tank was also a favorite place. Some students touched hermit crabs, the horseshoe crab, sea stars, sea urchins, sea anemones, scallops and snails.

Thank you to Mr. Delano, Mr. Smith, Mr. Russo, Mrs. Walsh, Mrs. Hillman and Mrs. Dimitrova for joining us on this trip. Having a 1 adult to 2 students ratio made the trip very enjoyable for everyone!

A special thank you to the Pine Glen PTO!  The PTO supports the kindergarten program by supplying us with t-shirts to wear for our trips!