Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ms. Horton helps us with Fundations!

You may have heard your son/daughter talking about different teachers who are in and out of our classroom.

Ms. Horton is an RTI tutor who works with the kindergarten.  Sometimes she does reinforcement games or activities and other days she helps us with journal writing and soon will be helping with reading groups.

Word Quiz Tomorrow

Room 101's first word quiz will be held tomorrow!  We have been practicing in class and hope everyone has been practicing at home.  This afternoon we played a flashcard game in which we wanted to be the fasted to read the word.  Assessment will be given in two forms.  Students will be asked to read the words to a teacher and students will be asked to write the words as they are dictated.  Mrs. Parnell and Mrs. Hoyt want to make sure everyone can both recognize and read the word as well as spell and write the word.
We were very impressed with how well everyone did this afternoon!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Animal Family Research

Mrs. D'Elia visited us in our classroom this morning to help us with a new project.  We are researching animals to create a dictionary of animals.  In order to make the book we need to find out about each animal by searching for evidence about which animal family each animal belongs to.

Today we learned how to better use the books and resources available to us.  Mrs. D'Elia taught us about the title page, the table of contents and the index.  AND we learned that not only can we search for information in a book, but we can use applications on the iPad and look through magazines and articles.

We will be working more with Mrs. D'Elia and Mr. Callahan as we create an electronic presentation of our research!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Fundations Fun!

Fundations is Fun!

In addition to practicing our letter identification with Echo the Owl, we play many games to help reinforce the connection between the letters in the alphabet, the sounds each letter make and how to write each letter. 

Recently  we have taken turns being the leader and instructing each other on the sound of given letters.  Other times we use our dry erase boards or magnetic letter boards.

This week we played a puzzle matching game with the letters we have covered thus far............t, b, f, n, m, c, a, i, r.

Ms. May visits us for 2nd Step

Ms. May has been visiting us on Tuesday mornings to lead the 2nd Step program. We have been exploring emotions and feelings.  "Be Calm Bunny" has assisted us with sharing and listening politely.  Ask your child about the song, "Everyone has Feelings."

Which ones are mammals?

On Thursday and Friday this week we did some animal family sorting with Beanie Babies!  In order to do this job we need to know the characteristics of each animal family.  Like which animals have backbones, which animals lay eggs and which ones have live babies.  We discuss how the baby animals are fed and if the animals are warm or cold blooded.................ask your child what it means to be warm blooded.  The largest pile we made was the mammals.  Mrs. Parnell has 137 mammal beanie babies!  What animal family do we humans belong to?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cornsnake's Lunch

 Today we observed the cornsnake eat a mouse.  It was pretty impressive to see how wide it opened it's mouth to swallow the mouse whole.

Equally impressive was how quiet and attentively we all sat to watch!  "It was cool!" was the concensus of both the kindergarteners and the teachers.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Creepy Crawlies Have Arrived!

On Friday, Ms. P. from the Burlington School Dept. Science center arrived with various animals for us to explore and learn about.  Our new visitors are a cornsnake named Micahn, Hairy-ette the Rose-Hair tarantula and a group of Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches.  The boys and girls were very excited to see and touch the animals.  We discussed their size, nutritional needs, characteristics and natural habitats.  Be sure to ask your child which animals are cold-blooded, why farmers like cornsnakes, and how many body parts the spider has.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Photos of Life in Room 101

Happy Birthday! - Room 101 celebrates birthdays with the presentation of a special birthday book of poems!

Miss May, Pine Glen's Guidance Counselor likes to visit room 101 and often jumps in to work with students!

We love exploring with manipulatives!

Cooperation! - We can build the coolest things when we work together!

Estimation!- This macintosh apple had only 4 seeds.......that was twice as many as the apple the day before.

We love using the computers.......

...and the iPads.  Thanks for checking in on things Mr. Villano!