Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Feast!

Today we had our Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast. On Monday we had a fashion show and students selected the costumes they would like to wear. We graphed our selections. All Pine Glen kindergartners dressed as Pilgrims or Native Americans and enjoyed a fabulous feast which included singing and socializing with our friends in room 102 and 103. In addition to our lunches we tasted our homemade butter on crackers, ate yummy popcorn and a Squanto snack for dessert!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Book Fair is Coming!

Room 101 will preview the book fair books on Monday and will make purchases on Thursday.  Mrs. Parnell and Mrs. Hoyt will help students to write a  wish list of books students would like to purchase.
Pine Glen Scholastic Book Fair
December 5-9, 2011
All proceeds go to the Pine Glen Library & Technology Center
Monday, December 5  
Preview Day         
Tuesday-Thursday, December 6-8
Student Shopping Days (TBD)   
Friday, December 9
Parent Conferences
Parent Holiday Shopping Day
“A book is a gift you can open again and again.”--Garrison Keillor
Monday, November 28--Monday, December 12
All purchases will be sent to Pine Glen after the Online Book Fair closes on December 12.  
Scholastic ensures that orders will be delivered to Pine Glen prior to the holiday break.
Don’t forget to add the 6.25% sales tax! 

Friday, November 4, 2011

Candy Counting Homework

Mrs. Parnell gave the kids a special homework assignment for the weekend.  After reminding everyone to be safe, stay with an adult and carry a light, she told them not to eat any candy while out trick-or-treating. 

As a special assignment she asked them to count their Halloween candy before they ate any.  On Monday students will be asked to report how many pieces of candy they collected while trick-or-treating.   We have been counting some big numbers in our classroom and we hope to do some comparing. 

Please help your child with their counting.  We like to make groups of 10 when we count in the classroom.  You may find this approach helpful at home.

Owl visits Pine Glen kindergarten

Ms. P. of the Burlington Public Schools science center paid a visit to the Pine Glen kindergartners this week.   She brought an Eastern Screech Owl named Cricket.  We learned all about owls.  They are in the bird family, are nocturnal and do not really like people to touch them.  Cricket is special because she likes to live at the science center.  She was injured and unable to return to her natural habitat of New England forests. 

We learned about the owl's eyes, feathers and neck.  Did you know that an owl has twice as many neck bones as a human?!  That is how an owl can turn its neck nearly 360*.   Ms. P played a CD with the many different sounds that different species of owls make. 

Room 101 really enjoyed learning about owls.  Today we shared some of what we learned in our journals.  Students found what they learned about owl talons and pellets to be particularly interesting.

Batty Good Time

Pine Glen Room 101 had many bats flying around the room this week.  The storm over the weekend caused a delay in our celebration of Halloween, so instead of celebrating for just one day, we did all week!  This week we wore our candy cane necklaces and bat hats.  We did many projects and games with candy corn, marshmallow ghosts and candy pumpkins.  Students had to count out candy corn, practiced ordinal numbers with the ghosts and played a listening game with the pumpkins.  We finished our Halloween counting book, and read many Halloween stories.