Tuesday, September 30, 2014

October Newsletter

The October Newsletter has been posted as a separate page.  Please see the link at the bar across the top of this blog.


Turning out to be the highlight of everyday.  We use iPads to reinforce various lessons and concepts!

Today students read an article on making friends and reading facial expressions.

Photos from our day

Working on the I Can Roar Like a Lion book.
Counting Elephants!  We did 4.
Rainbow writing the letter m and the number 5 today.

More photos from our day!

Ms. Horton helped up work on the letter m today.

Google visits Room 101!

Hunting for the various colored crayons on the Touchit Board.
We had a full classroom with guests observing our use of technology this morning.  Visitors from Google along with our technology specialist Mrs. Ardizzoni and principal Mr. Lyons watched as we practiced our site words using the blog and read the Let's Find Out Magazine.

There are more blue crayons than red crayons!

Monday, September 29, 2014

More and fewer

The concept of 1 more and 2 more along with 1 fewer and 2 fewer can be challenging.  We have listened to many stories and have discussed comparisons.

"George's teacher put one green crayon on the table.  Then George's teacher put 2 orange crayons on the table.  Which color has fewer?  How many fewer?"  

Koosh Keywords

Push the Koosh Ball.
Reveal a letter and practice the fundations drill sound card.
It is the next person's job to find a letter we have not done yet.

Friday, September 26, 2014

All About

We have begun to share out All About Me books.  Each student comes to the front to read their book to the class.

Author, illustrator, editor

We are the author, illustrator and editor of our Nursery Rhyme books.  We hunted for and highlighted certain words!

Science and ELA together!

As part of our non-fiction writing program we analyzed apples and then drew and labeled the cross-section diagram of the apples. 

It was our "job" to sketch the interior of the object, title and label with lines to the identified parts!  We combined science and writing! 


I pads!

I pads were introduced to the classroom this week.  We loved exploring the Let's Find Out news app and Letter Quiz!

Math more or fewer

With cubes as our manipulatives we made sets of objects and then made sets that were one or two more or less.  This is pretty tricky math!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sight Word Study Tool

   This is a study tool that you may use to help learn our first set of sight words.  Future sets will be embedded on the High Frequency words page listed across the top of this blog.

Varsity Soccer Day!

The following post has been copied from Superintendent Conti's blog:

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 10.53.10 AM
This Sunday, 9/28 at Marshall Simonds Middle School, the Burlington High School Boys and Girls Soccer Programs will be presenting their second annual Varsity Day event.
This program provides Burlington Youth Soccer players the opportunity to train and be coached by our high school Varsity teams, in an attempt to build a relationship based on support, positive reinforcement, and player development. 
This program is free of cost and will take place at Marshall Simonds Middle School.  U8 and U10 players will participate from 1-3pm, and U12 and U14 players will be participating from 3-5pm.  This fun and informative training session will include free t-shirts, competitions, and give aways. This is a great opportunity not just for Burlington Youth Soccer, but also for our high schoolers to see the positive impact they can have on their community using athletics.
We hope to see you on the field on Sunday

Open House Thank You and Photos Reminder

Thank you to all for joining us this evening for Pine Glen open house.  It was great to see you all and to share our program and accomplishments thus far.

Reminder, school pictures will be taken tomorrow.  Please return the photo envelope tomorrow.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Confidentiality Meetings

Reminder: This message was copied from Pine Glen principal, John Lyon's blog:

I will be hosting another opportunity to attend a Confidentiality Meeting on Back to School Night on September 23rd.  I will host one Confidentiality Meeting at 7:00 and another at 7:30.

Pine Glen Back to School Night will be on September 23, from 6:00 to 7:30. The night will begin in the cafeteria at 6:00 with opening remarks from the principal.  We will leave the back doors of the cafeteria open so parents can enter and exit the building through the cafe.  At 6:10 parents are free to proceed to classrooms. We will continue to have two informational sessions. The first session will be held from 6:15-6:45.  The second session will run from 6:55-7:25.  You are welcome to attend either session.  This is a parent informational night.All parent volunteers are required to have an updated CORI form on file at Central Office and also attend a Principal’s Confidentiality Meeting to be eligible to chaperone field trips and volunteer.  

Saturday, September 20, 2014

School Picture Day

Wednesday, September 24 will be school picture day.  Watch for notices going home in students' communication folders with all the information.

Open House 2014

We like to publish a slideshow at the beginning of each school year.  It helps to give a little insight into what is going on in room 101.  It also helps moms and dads to see that we are adjusting and doing just fine in Kindergarten!  In addition to being posted here, it is embedded under the class picture on the right.  You  will be able to go back and take a peek easily during the fall!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Meet our class hermit crab!

Our class hermit crab was taken out of the shell and crawled around the rug for a little while this afternoon so we could observe him.  Many of us are quite enthralled with him.

Photos of our day

Our hands are getting a good workout as we strengthen them with fine motor work like tearing paper!
We enjoyed the book Mrs. Parnell read to us so much that we are rereading it and discussing it!
After beginning our study of apples and dissecting one to see how many seeds there are we each made a clay red delicious apple!


We hunt for these words in the news and then circle them with the given color.

Kindergarten News was published this week!  We really work hard with reading and highlighting the news.  Each week students will be asked to bring the news home to share with families.  Your support in helping the children read and highlight at home is most appreciated.  

Open House

Pine Glen will be hosting an Open House on Tuesday, September 23.

Two sessions will be offered so parents with children in multiple grades can try to attend.

6:00 p.m. - Opening remarks with Mr. Lyons in the cafeteria

6:15 - 6:45 - meet with classroom teachers

6:45 - 6:55 - transition

6:55- 7:25 - meet with classroom teachers

7:30- Mr. Lyon's Confidentiality Meeting in the cafeteria

Since there will be two sessions offered,  we would like to plan for your arrival.

Notices were sent home today with students.  Please send form back tomorrow, Friday, September 19th.  Thanks!


We get up and move to practice writing our letters.
Mrs. Parnell and Mrs. Hoyt want us to always strive for a check plus!
We will be working on our letters on the dry erase board and in our fundations workbooks.

Hello Neighbor

Greet your neighbor, boogie on down!
Hello neighbor, what do you say?

Hello neighbor is a fun song we sing on some mornings.  It helps us with our morning greeting and lets us move a little bit!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Math !

Practicing writing our numbers.

We enjoy our lessons on the Touch it Boards.

Blocks and clay

When work is completed we have a few choices.  Blocks are a favorite!
To go along with our color theme (and help strengthen our hand muscles), we have clay as an option too!