Sunday, September 24, 2017

Pine Glen's Hoot Card System & Student Notes of Affirmation

The kindergartners had an assembly with Pine Glen's guidance counselor Mrs. Tilton. She introduced the kindergartners to Pine Glen's Hoot Card System. She explained to the students and encouraged them to:

“Make WISE Choices”
  • Work to be APPROPRIATE
  • Important to be SAFE
  • Strive to be KIND
  • Everyone Matters!

Teachers are like OWLS:
  • Observant
  • Wise
  • Listening

    Hoot cards can be given out by any staff in common areas (hallways, cafeteria etc.) to any student. Hoot cards should be placed in the buckets outside the conference room. On Thursday afternoon, a student will be randomly chosen from each grade to be the Hoot of the Week. The students chosen will be announced on Friday morning over the loudspeaker, they will be called down, receive a pencil and a picture.

At Pine Glen Elementary School everyone matters. Friday morning every student at Pine Glen Elementary School arrived and saw a note above their cubby from their teacher. The teacher's note to each student communicated why they were special and unique. We shared these special notes of affirmation Friday afternoon. The students were pleased to be recognized for their efforts in kindergarten. We are so proud of our kindergartners!

We had a BUSY Week 2!

Here are some pictures from our 2nd week of Kindergarten. We had a BUSY week. We practiced some things we learned from last week and did some new things! As you can see we did a lot. So if your students was tired you can see why. Mrs. Kearney and I were exhausted!  Remember getting lots of rest is important.

We practiced writing numerals 1, 2 & 3 this week.

We worked on our Nursery Rhyme books- Little Jack Horner (purple)

Rainbow Writing!

Nursery Rhyme book- The Man in Brown

Matching the rhymes with the Rhyming Houses.

We read our first Let's Find Out Magazine on School Rules.

We started our next book- An Apple Tree Through the Seasons- Winter Tree

Spring Tree

Coloring the cover to the Nursery Rhyme book.

We continued our work on ST Math.

We played a memory game with all our houses and pictures of our classmates.

First Edition of Our Kindergarten News!

We had a whole group lesson on how to be Word Detectives on Thursday morning.  On Friday, we each got our own newspaper and we were Word Detectives.  We completed the word hunting for the first page at school.  There are two more pages that can be completed at home and then the Bb song is attached to the back.  The students use a different color marker to circle each of the news high frequency words. The Kindergarten News was addressed at Pine Glen's Open House and information was given to parents about how to read the news with their child.  Please refer to the packet if you have questions about the news.  The students were challenged to complete the news for homework. It is in the RED homework folder. If the students complete the Kindergarten Highlights page according to the kindergarten journal expectations a prize will be earned!  (See page in the news) We hope we have some students complete this challenge.  Please send the RED homework folders in by Friday so the next set of homework can be sent home. Your child can also highlight all the Bbs in the song and circle the to words.  Remember we circle the word to with a dark blue marker, crayon or colored pencil. 

Friday, September 22, 2017

We are 3 Little Pig Experts!

We have completed our mini unit on the 3 Little Pigs. We have read many different versions of the story. We have compared and contrasted the similarities and differences in the books and we are 3 Little Pig Experts now! We made the 3 Little Pigs houses and stick puppets for the 3 little pigs and the big bad wolf. We told the students they should have a puppet show and retell the 3 Little Pigs story to their families. We were lucky enough to have some parents share the videos. As you can see the Kindergartners in Room 101 are EXPERTS! We are so proud of their efforts!

The books we read.

The houses and stick puppets we made.











Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Burlington Public Schools Parent University
SAVE THE DATE Saturday October 21, 2017
8:00am - 12:45pm Burlington High School
Burlington Public Schools are proud to host our 2nd Parent University!  Parents of students grades PreK-12 will have the opportunity at this free event to attend workshops and interact with education and health professionals regarding a variety of topics related to your child’s learning and development.
Our keynote speaker will be Jon Mattleman, who will be sharing his “Secret Life of Teens” presentation.  "The Secret Lives of Teens" is a high-energy presentation that actively focuses on what teens are really thinking, what they fear, why they do not share more, and how adults can effectively support the teens in their lives. This presentation covers areas such as depression, suicide, 'acting out' behaviors, drug and alcohol use, and more. Parents of students k-12 will gain valuable insight into adolescent behaviors and the decision making of our students. More information on Jon and his presentation can be found at:
Additionally, to better serve our parents, BPS will be providing free childcare for this event (pending child registration).  Please keep an eye out for follow up materials including the release of our updated website and event schedule.
Mark your calendar – more details to follow!    

Friday is Pine Glen's Patriots Day Fundraiser

Patriots Day Fundraiser Image result for new england patriots
This Friday, September 22nd

Help Pine Glen support students who were affected by hurricanes in recent weeks.  On Friday, September 22, wear your best Patriots gear and bring in a dollar or more to help give back to a school in need.  

Proceeds from the donations will go toward purchasing books for Berry Elementary School in Houston, Texas.  Together we can make a difference!

Pine Glen Student Council

Sunday, September 17, 2017

ST Math Introduction and Password Training

Burlington Public Schools Math Coach, Mrs. Carrie Fortunato came to Room 101 Friday afternoon. She introduced us to a new math program called ST Math. We will be using this program as a center in our classroom. In the future information will be sent home for you to help your child access ST Math at home. 

Mrs. Fortunato introduced us to JiJi the penguin and character in the program. She had a small stuffed animal JiJi that she shared. She also had us watch a short video about how students help JiJi get past obstacles in the way. The student use mathematical problem solving to help JiJi. Mrs. Fortunato helped us log into ST Math for the first time. Each student is assigned an eight character password! To assist the students in remembering their password the program has them solve lots of different puzzles to help them remember these individualized picture icon passwords. It was really interesting to watch the students go through initializing their passwords. The students were wonderful listeners and the appeared to enjoy learning about the program. 

Mrs. Fortunato rewarded us with three scoops of popcorn and a Hoot card since the students did such a wonderful job!  Tomorrow morning after our Morning Meeting we will attempt to log back into ST Math on our own. We are crossing our fingers that all the students remember these individualized passwords. (Our fingers are crossed!)

Introduction to the Pine Glen Learning Commons

On Friday morning we visited the Pine Glen Learning Commons for the first time. The Learning Commons is the library but we will be doing different things in the Learning Commons this year. We will be reading many books but we will be doing many other things too. More to come on this! Ms. Small talked to us about Dot day. She showed us the book video of The Dot by Peter Reynolds and a song and dance to go along with the book. Then we were able to choose a book to check out for the week. Please return books by Friday. Our Learning Commons time is Friday at 10:20.

New Friends

We will be working on a book "Look How I Changed". Last week we visited the scaled and got our heights and weights for September. Then we went out in front of the Pine Glen School sign so we could track how much we grow over the kindergarten year.