Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Coming Soon- Narrative Writing

After the Thanksgiving break we will begin our Non-fiction writing on personal narratives. We have sent home a couple reminders asking parents to send in a few pictures of their holiday. Last year we found it was easier for our students to use photographs from their Thanksgiving day to write a story or personal narrative about their day. Please send in or email the pictures so we can use them to help aid with creating the narrative by Saturday, November 26th. Please see the example below of my personal narrative from last year. Thank you for your help with this project.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Learning about New Technology

Mr. Donoff, Pine Glen's Technology Specialist has been down to our classroom a couple times the past week. Last Friday Mr. Donoff introduced the class to coding. Mr. Donoff will start visiting our classroom weekly to code with us in small groups. Today Mr. Donoff came down to help introduce the students to an online resource to help with reading- Raz Kids. I will be sharing log in information with parents during our conferences. The students appeared to enjoy using this program, reading and earning stars to then be able to design their own rocket or robot. 

Our Class Persuaded Ms. Pavlicek!

We combined our Non-Fiction persuasive writing with our science unit on Caring for Pets and we learned what animals need to live and how to care for them. We then voted on what animal we should write about to convince Ms. Pavlicek that we were ready to take care of one of the science center animals. 9 students in our class wanted Olive the Rabbit to come visit our room. We learned that when you write a persuasive letter you need to have a catchy opening to grab your readers attention. Then the writing needs to tell the reader what you want, give reasons why the reader should agree and the writing should have a strong ending- Be Bossy! Ms. Pavlicek was impressed by our writing and she brought Olive to our classroom for a few weeks to visit. The students are doing a great job taking care of Olive. They all appear to LOVE her and she is getting a lot of attention, at times too much attention.

Kindergarten Feast

Today we celebrated Thanksgiving early with all our kindergarten friends. We all sang together then we sat with new kindergarten friends from rooms 102 & 103. We had a great time! The first video shows Room 101 singing I'm A Little Turkey, Albuquerque Turkey and Timothy Turkey. The second video is of the the students singing Thanks A Lot. We hope you enjoy them!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

High School Visitors!

One of the Town of Burlington’s goals this year is collaboration. This year the students in Room 101 will collaborate with Ms. Hoerle’s Italian IV Burlington High School class. Today Ms. Hoerle’s class came to our class. We learned how to say hello and goodbye in Italian. We learned how to count to five in Italian and we learned how to say some color words in Italian.  Then the high school students read with the kindergartners. We also held a quick morning meeting and passed around our new Qball. We danced to Tooty Ta and GoNoodle's Pop SE KO. Another one of our goals this year with our kindergarten students is for them to understand that EVERYONE reads! The kindergartners enjoyed having their high school partners read and talk with them! All students BIG and SMALL had a great time today and we are all looking forward to seeing each other again in the spring.

Ms. Hoerle shared a few of her items from her Italian heritage. She shared some traditional clothing, a Parmesan cheese holder, and a coffee maker with us and showed us the Italian flag.

AJ & Lucas 

Madison & Gabby

Sydney & Amani

Zoe & Jenna

Ryan, Sebastian, Nikki, Amanda

Roby & Garrett

Pranila & Micayla

Steven & Taylor

Nick & Ben

Connor & Andrew

Matthew & Luciano

Julia & Dominic

Jackson & Cam

I would especially like to thank Ms. Hoerle for agreeing to collaborate this year with my class. This was a wonderful experience for all. I even got to see one of my past students (although I did not recognize her at first- it was great to see Madison) and a few other Pine Glen Alumni who were comfortable being back at Pine Glen.