Sunday, March 31, 2019

Eggs to Chicks - It was quite a WEEK!

On Monday afternoon Ms. Pavlicek came and put 8 eggs into our incubator. She had been caring for them in a giant incubator at the science center for 19 days. This meant that the chicks should hatch by Wednesday (@21 days). When we arrived on Wednesday morning 1 chick had hatched and another chick hatched during the day. We were able to watch it come out of its shell- SO COOL! We were surprised when 4 more had hatched overnight! We have 5 boys and 2 girl chicks! The students have been so excited by this process. Their observation journals are very detailed to document all the growth and changes the eggs have gone through to become chicks and how quickly the chicks are growing! On Friday we had our Parents as Readers in and the parents were excited to see and hold the chicks too! All the students held the chicks too. On Monday morning we will bring the chicks out and they will be part of our Morning Meeting. We will post more pictures of this meeting I'm sure it will be very exciting! Mrs. Parnell brought the chicks home for the weekend and Lindsay and Ashley and their friends also LOVED the chicks. We cannot get enough of the chicks and I'm sure the students will be sad when they leave on Wednesday.

Parent Readers

Friday morning we had another session of Parents as Readers in Room 101. We welcomed 9 parents into our classroom to read with us! We think our parents are AMAZING and appreciate all the time and support invested into our classroom. The students really look forward to these reading mornings. THANK YOU for participating and making our students value reading! It is SO important! We will have two more Parent as Readers sessions and we look forward to having all parents how can attend join us! Special thanks to Mrs. Conrad, Mrs. Colon, Ms. Montemarano, Mrs. Grant, Mrs. Peckham, Mrs. Anderson, Mr. Caparelli, Mrs. Ronca and Mr. Interess.