Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Special Library & Computer Time

We also spent some time in the library creating bookmarks and listening to Miss Carney read some holiday stories that were pre-recorded and shown as we worked. Then Miss Carney read us the Dr. Seuss classic How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

We then went into the computer lab and posed in front of the green screen. Check it out! The students are in front of a gingerbread house. Very fitting for today's activities!

We went back to the computer lab after lunch and created our own computer generated gingerbread houses on


Today was awesome! The kindergartners and 4th graders were a terrific team. We had SO MUCH FUN!

Rolling the gingerbread dough.

Decorating our cookies!

There were lots of cookies!

We built gingerbread houses!

We made a gingerbread craft.

We also made a gingerbread math game.

The final products came out great!

The students couldn't wait to get home and show off their gingerbread creations and EAT THEM!!!  Happy Holidays to all our Pine Glen Families. Enjoy the break!

Getting ready for our Big Gingerbread Day!

Yesterday Mrs. Visocchi's 4th graders came to Room 101 to read gingerbread stories with us. We read many different versions of the story to be ready for our big baking and building day. We are all very excited!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Today we learned a little about electricity! We learned about conductors and insulators and we made a closed circuit and lit a mini light bulb. Science learning is interesting, fun and hands on. Just what we needed before break!