Sunday, June 25, 2017

Good Bye for Now- Summer Challenge- Last Events of the School Year!

We had a wonderful year in room 101 and are so lucky to have spent this time with our kindergarten friends. Mrs. Parnell and Mrs. Kearney know all our friends are going to do great in first grade.  Over the summer we will be working hard to prepare for next year, reading, taking classes, writing curriculum and relaxing with our families.  We encourage all of you to rest, relax, play and read all summer too!  Remember we encourage our students to keep a journal over the summer!   


Mrs. Parnell and Mrs. Kearney would LOVE to read about all our (now former) students summer adventures.  If students write at least once a week every week (at least 10 entries!) of the summer adhering to the kindergarten expectations- at least 3 sentences and an illustration with 6 colors (on each entry) a PRIZE will be earned!  Please have the students bring in their journal the first day of first grade- September 5, 2017.  We hope we will be reading LOTS of summer journals! The past two years we have had two students each year complete this challenge. We hope to have even more this year!

Our Last Time on The Playground as Kindergartners!

Some of our siblings were out playing at the same time as us!

Thank you to Mrs. Gordon who was our last Mystery Reader this year. 

We ended our school year with a popsicle with friends and we posed with our JiJi penguins. We made it to 89% this year in ST Math. 

We also celebrated our Summer Birthdays. We hope Ella, Rocco and Steven enjoy their special days this summer!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Kindergarten Water Day 2!

Today we had a great time outside again. Room 102 joined us today! We had the same activities but enjoyed them with different kindergarten friends! We also had Mrs. Finn's 4th graders join us for the water balloon toss. The kindergartners did a great job in this friendly competition. Our water days are a great time to visit and spend the last few days of kindergarten together. Thank you to all our parent volunteers who helped supervise these fun days.

Kindergarten Water Day 1!

On Tuesday the Kindergartners in Room 101 and Room 103 enjoyed water day together! The day started off a little rainy but turned into a beautiful day. There were many water activities along with some dry activities for the students to enjoy together as the school year winds down. The students could choose to be in the bigger pools, the little pools, the sprinkler, use the bubbles or shaving cream. They could also color, play in the sand or with the legos or explore some field games. Our morning ended with a water balloon competition! Fun has had by all. After lunch and recess we met up with Room 103 again and enjoyed a Popsicle treat. Tomorrow, Room 101 will enjoy another water day with Room 102.