Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Slide Show

During our Open House gathering we played a slide show that had photos taken during the first few days of school.  Mr. Callahan, Pine Glen's Technology Specialist, was kind enough to upload the entire show for your viewing. 

Please visit the Library Technology Center blog to enjoy the show.  The link to the blog is listed under blogs we follow on the right hand column.

September Success!

We are happy to report that we have had a successful September!  Much of our time was spent getting to know one another, establishing new friendships, and  classroom expectations and rules.  We have begun work on letter formation, journal writing and more.  Some of the highlights from this week included the completion of our Gettting to Know you books and estimating seeds in apples!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

We began work in our Fundations and Investigations workbooks.
Our first week of kindergarten was terrific!  Week number two will be equally exciting as we discuss our goals, visit the computer room and prepare our first few projects to share with you at Open House on Thursday.

Monday is purple day! 
School librarian Mrs. D'Elia shared a story with us and gave us a tour of the library,

which included the "Wall of Awesome"!

We formed new friendships,

and had a lot of fun!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

We had a Wonderful Wednesday

Clad in yellow today we worked on our grip for writing before we practiced writing lines connecting the sky line, plane line, grass line and worm line.  Everyone did great working at their "office" station.

Today's yellow poem focused on a Modern Mother Goose version of Jack Be Nimble.  Jill can jump too!

Kindergarteners had more time to explore with manipulatives and were again invited to share their creations.  We  are very impressed with their creativity, perseverance when challenged and confidence in speaking.

Tomorrow we visit the library for the first time!

It was a wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day Two was Dynamite!

We are on a roll!  Day two was Dynamite!
Students are learning the routines very quickly.  Everyone found their spot easily this morning, unpacked and settled in like experts.  Mrs. Parnell and Mrs. Hoyt were impressed with the boys and girls as they passed our "quiz" about the fundations lines.

Be sure to ask your children about Echo the Fundation's owl as he visited during circle time.  And perhaps your child will teach you a new song about building a house or "Tooty-Ta".

During our work-board time we created more pages for our Nursery Rhyme book, our color book and more!  We even re-created some of the Three Little Pig's houses!

We began working on our classroom calendar which includes days of the week, months, patterns and counting.  We will be marking and counting the number in days we are in school each month and keeping track overall of the number of days to 100!  We usually work toward a 100th day celebration.

In the afternoon we continued to explore math manipulative and created designs.  Each student was invited to share his/her creation with the class, describing what it was and the materials they used to create it.  It is wonderful to see students confidently taking "center stage" and presenting to their peers!

Yellow Day is tomorrow.  We will learn about Jack and Jill Nimble, share about more of our likes and dislikes for our "Getting to Know..." books,  and will work on our classroom rules.  Be sure to get plenty of rest.  This first week of school makes everyone very tired.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Day One Was Awesome!

We had a great first day of school! We started the day with Morning Meeting where the children greeted each other with a friendly handshake. Everyone seemed very comfortable and joined right in.
We began our Fundations literacy program by introducing the names of the guidelines we will be using when we learn to form letters. Be sure to ask about the skyline, the plane line, the grass line and the worm line.
The children started a book about colors, a nursery rhyme book and book about ourselves. We also made our kissing hands and visors that went home today. The children had some time to explore some of our math manipulatives. Mrs. Parnell and Mrs. Hoyt introduced some of the choice areas in the classroom. The students are eager to visit the blocks, sand, listening station and games areas!
One of the highlights of the day included our first trip to the playground for recess!  It was great to see classmates playing together, taking turns and giving each other a push on the swings!
Tomorrow we will be introduced to the calendar routine and some fun classroom songs!  We will also explore the color orange and will continue with  our “Getting to know…” books. We will be sharing about our likes and dislikes, our families and aspirations.
Thank you to everyone for sharing your beautiful children!  We are looking forward to a wonderful year!