Thursday, April 27, 2017

Planting a Rainbow!

Before vacation we started learning about plants and what they need to survive. This week we planted our own rainbow of flower seeds. We are hoping to sow our seeds and have beautiful flowers soon. We will be tracing our seeds development through a science observation notebook. We have been watering our seeds, and have them on the windowsill to get sunlight. We are hoping to notice some changes soon! Stay tuned for updates!

Congratulations to our Special Olympians!

Today Ethan and Rocco participated in the Special Olympics in Wilmington. Room 101 students made a cheer line this morning and high fived and cheered for Ethan and Rocco as they made their way out of the classroom to board the bus to the games! Congratulations Ethan and Rocco for doing so well at the games and earning gold medals!  Way to go we are all so proud of you!

Boston Celtics Day Tomorrow!

Pine Glen will be having Boston Celtics Day tomorrow to show our support for the Celts.   Students and staff are welcome to wear green and Boston Celtics clothing to show their support.  

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Sunday, April 23, 2017

"Egg"cellent Day Before Vacation, Reminders and Wish List!

On Thursday, April 13th we had an "egg"cellent day. We started our day with an extension of our color mixing experimentation and we dyed our own spring eggs trying to hard to mix primary colors to create secondary colors. This experiment was challenging but fun! Hopefully all the spring eggs made it home safely!

We used eggs as fun learning tools! Before we went to lunch we all participated in a sight word egg hunt!  60 eggs, containing the 60 words we have learned thus far were hidden on the playground!  We went hunting with a list and when we found a word, we read it and checked it off! This was a fun way to practice our sight words.

We hope everyone had a great vacation and will come back to school tomorrow refreshed and ready to learn. We only have 44 days left together and we still have a lot of learning and fun planned for the remainder of the school year. Thank you for your ongoing support of our classroom! 

Reminders -

Please return zoo permission forms.   Also, please check student folder for recent invitations.  We are welcoming parents to help us with our community helpers unit. Your contributions to the home school connection are most appreciated!

We would love a few supplies to help us in the homestretch of the year:
Chalk (3 or 4 containers)
Shaving Cream - 3-4 cans of an inexpensive brand
Water Balloons  -
     - We need the balloons and will welcome volunteers to help fill them at a later date!
3-4 rolls of Bounty paper towels
3-4 boxes of tissues
sandwich zip lock bags
snack size zip lock bags
wet wipes - we strive to contain our germs and messes!

The most valuable contribution of course is you and your time!  We will be seeking additional volunteers for a variety of June activities!   Be sure to let Mrs. Parnell know of your June availability right away so special activities can be planned.  THANK YOU!

Mr. Musselman's Magnet Show!

To help us wrap up our study of magnets, Mr. Musselman of the Burlington Science Center was in to visit the kindergartners and shared with us his magnet program.  We learned how strong magnets can be and discussed many of their uses.  Through some scientific exploration we determined that magnets stick to metals like iron, and nickel.    He showed us many different kinds of magnets (such as bar, horseshoe and circular) and told us various stories about them.  We learned about electromagnets.  These need electricity to become magnetic. The pull of an electromagnet is only temporary. 

Friday, April 7, 2017

Color Mixing!

This week we started learning about colors and how they combine to create other colors. We read Mouse Paint and White Rabbits Color Book. The students learned that the primary colors are blue, red and yellow and if you mix these colors you create the secondary colors, orange, green and purple. The students created their own color mixing equations and explored the iPad app- Magical Color Mixing Studio. This morning we had our our color mixing science experiment. Please see photos below. The students LOVED this and it was like magic when all the colors of the rainbow appeared!

Selfie Self-Portraits

We have been learning more about color and we started our mini-art unit and today we made selfie self-portraits. Our tech savvy students took a selfie and then sketched themselves referring to the selfie photo. After the sketch was completed the students then used water colors to paint their self-portraits. Sketching and painting in the intricate facial area was a difficult fine motor task. The students tried very hard on this assignment and at the end of the day all the students thought we should do MORE painting!

Crack the Egg- CVC Word Game

This week we have been getting into the Spring season. At Morning Meeting we passed an egg balancing on a spoon around our circle and then every student choose an egg and cracked it open. Each student then tapped out their word and and blended the sounds together to tell their classmates what their word was. Then these eggs became a center and the students needed to crack open the egg and find the picture that matched their word and then write the cvc word the correct way using only lowercase letters! This was a challenge but was also a fun activity.