Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Writing stories!

During this week's visit to the library Mrs. D'Leia  introduced us to an app that allowed us to create stories on the ipad.  We really enjoyed adding our own voices to the Mo Willems Story about Pigeon!


It takes teamwork to build these masterpieces and assembly puzzles!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Math Mixer on Wednesday

Please join us at Pine Glen School’s... Math Mixer
Come play and take home some math fun for everyone!

Wednesday January 29, 2014
5:30 pm-7:30 pm
This free event is open to all Pine Glen families (Grades K-5.)  
Please join us to learn easy and exciting new ways to bring math into your home.
We hope to see you there!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Progress Report Information

Please take a few minutes to view the youtube videos in the posts below.  They are from a 2011 presentation done by Dr. Conti and will explain the Burlington Public Schools' Progress Reports and Standards Based Progress Reports.

Part 2 Elementary Parent Night (+playlist)

Standards Based Progress Reports

Friday, December 2, 2011

Dr. Eric Conti speaking with the Burlington community about Standards Based Progress Reports

This video is from Dr. Conti's presentation to parents about the new Standards Based Progress Reports on November 30th.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Thank you PTO!

The Pine Glen PTO generously donated supplies to make recess a little more fun!  Today we played with some of the new equipment.  Items include jump ropes, kickballs and frisbees in addition to footballs, soccer balls, tennis balls, cones and bases!  AND more is coming.  We will also be receiving a new supply of chalk!  THANK YOU PTO!
jump rope


Want to play catch?



We wrote a story!

Alien Friends

D is for dictionary

Since returning to school after the December break we have been working on creating a dictionary.  We are practicing writing the letter correctly and spelling the words accurately.

Under the Sea, letter work and more!

Letter work - tapping out CVC words

Busy Friday

A purple scallop lives in the sea and is not a fish!

Choice time!

As part of our day we look forward to choice time.  We work on important social skills like taking turns and sharing.  It can be lots of fun and when we collaborate we build magnificent structures!
Ipads are one of our favorite choices!  We do not even realize the reading and math skills we are reinforcing when we are "playing" these games.
 Some of us have been asking if it would be okay to write a book during choice time!  We illustrate our ideas and write the text!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Which one is bigger?

Since we are measuring the area of our blankets using unconventional measuring tools we needed to have a discussion.  Is the blanket that has an area of 15 people standing up bigger or smaller than the one that's area is 10 kindergartners lying down?  Hmmm.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Reading Groups!

We are excited to share that today was the first day for reading groups!  It was awesome!  Everyone had an opportunity to read with Mrs. Parnell in a small group.  We explored and discussed the book and then read it aloud with each other.  We were so proud of ourselves.  Some of us did not even realize we could read so well!  Each student also received a special carrying pouch and will be bringing the reading group book home to share with family.  Please read it at home and send back to school the next day.  We plan to send lots of books back and forth!

What lives under the sea?

 Snails!  Our parent helper today assisted us in creating our first sea creature, snails!  We will begin to learn about the many different creatures we will see when we head to the Aquarium next month.

Journal Writing

We write about and for many things in room 101.  Sometimes we write directions and letters.  Other times our purpose is to make a list or diagram some information.  Often, in our journals, we share topics we are discussing.  We have written about the Native Americans, animal families and the Nutcracker.  Today we had an open ended journal prompt.  Mrs. Parnell challenged us to tell her something............anything we want to share with her.  This is fun, but challenging because we have to think of our own thoughts and ideas!

What is the area if this blanket?

2 1/2 kindergartners lying down!

How does it measure up?


CVC words

We jumped back into work yesterday after our two week holiday.  Mrs. Parnell taught us to tap out CVC words!

Tapping and Speling with CVC words!

Keeping Warm!

In the coming weeks we will be having lots of fun with afghans, quilts and blankets!  Each student will be assigned a day to bring one in.  It will be their job to keep their treasure a secret in the black bag they are issued.  We do not want anyone to see what it is until the special time!

We will try to answer the question as to whether students special treasure is an afghan, quilt or blanket as we play the game 20 questions to learn about it.  Then we have few minutes of sharing before we dive into the job measuring our treasures.

Comparisons will be made between them.  Which is the longest, shortest, etc.  We  practice measuring length, width and area using non-standard tools for measurement.  Our favorite job is measuring the area because we measure how many kindergartners fit in the area of our blanket!

Then, at a later date,  we will create new, paper quilts for each other.  In addition to looking colorful and showing that we can follow the pattern and directions, we are learning new things about each other.

As you will see, the quilt projects will be a highlight during the winter months!

Pizza for dinner tonight!

Tuesday, January 7th is Flatbread Pizza Night for Pine Glen!!!

We earn $3.50 for all large flatbread pizzas and $1.75 for all small flatbread pizzas ordered on January 7th.  This applies to all take out or eat in orders! 

No need to tell them it's for Pine Glen and no coupons to present.  Just order and enjoy and Pine Glen gets the credit! 

The Flatbread Pizza restaurant is located on the Bedford/Burlington line at 213 Burlington Rd, Bedford, MA 01730, Phone 781-275-8200

Look forward to seeing you there.