Wednesday, April 30, 2014


We have begun a new unit in mathematics.  As part of the introduction to the unit students were sorting and comparing attribute blocks.  We will be discussing what is the same and what is different about groups of items.  In addition we will take a set of items and sort them one way and then re-sort them another way. Later in this unit we will begin to graph the quantities of each item in a given set.

Clipboard concentration

Back from vacation

We Planted A Rainbow!

Upon our return from April vacation we jumped right into our gardening unit.  Each student planted a rainbow!  Actually they planted the seeds of flowering plants that we hope will bloom with all the colors of the rainbow.  

We  labeled each plant and were sure to give the seeds plenty of water.

Working with Mr. Callahan on an iPad project

Recently Mr. Callahan visited us with a class set of ipads and reviewed the drawing pad app with us.  Next we all worked on creating the cover on a new book we are writing.  We can not wait to finish them and bring them home to share with our families!

Spelling with stuffed letters!

Now that we know all of our letters students can be found in all corners of the room playing with letters and creating words.  Check out the digraph!

Marathon send-off

On Friday, April 18 we wrote Mrs. Visocchi a letter wishing her well on her marathon run.  She sure was surprised when all of room 101 walked in on her fourth grade class to say good luck and that we hope she wins!

Although she did not win the marathon, she was a winner and did very well!  Congratulations!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Boston Strong Day

On Thursday, April 17th, we will be having a Boston Strong Day.  This day will be to celebrate athleticism, our first responders, and show support for everyone running the Boston Marathon particularly our fourth grade teacher Mrs. Visocchi.  A collection container will be out where students and staff can make a donation to Mass General Hospital's Fighting Pediatric Cancer, the charity Mrs. Visocchi is running for this year (  Students and staff are welcome to wear athletic, running clothing and Boston Strong colors on the 17th.   We would like to wish Mrs. Visocchi and all the runners a great race.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Animals need a home - for vacation week

April Vacation AnimalAdoption
Burlinton Science Center
The Science Center is looking for homes for some of its animals over
April vacation.
gerbils    box turtles  snapping turtles
--The Science Center will provide cage, food, shavings, and care sheet for each animal.
--CALL MS. WENDY PAVLICEK AT (781)-270-2928 ASAP if interested.
--Animals are distributed on a first come, first serve basis.
--All animals must be picked up by making an appointment with Ms. Pavlicek.
Thank you.

Choice time activities

Some students tried their hand at checkers today.  It is a great game to work on concentration and strategy!
While Beatrix Potter's Nursery hosts guest animals our iPads will be relocated.  Friends in room 101 did not seem to mind the new "home" for the iPads today!  As you can see they were quite comfortable!

Painting the nursery animals!

With the arrival of Turbo the rabbit, Beatrix Potter's Nursery was quite exciting.  Students will be making watercolor painting of the various animals that visit us.   Today, in addition to Turbo, we were painting the tadpoles and tree from eggs as well as the hermit crab.
Learning the rules of the nursery.

Beatrix Potter's nursery

Mrs. Parnell sat with us this morning and introduced us to painting at Beatrix Potter's Nursery.  On Friday afternoon Mrs. Hoyt and Mrs. Parnell transformed the classroom into a space in which students will be studying various animals.  

Friday, April 11, 2014

Shared items!

Discussion time

After each person shared their show and tell item we sat for a discussion time.
Students were asked to share with the person sitting next to them. They talked about where the items came from and perhaps why they are special to us.

Show and Tell

We celebrated filling our popcorn jar being full by having a show and tell afternoon!
Each person wrote 2 clues about there items to help us guess what it is.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

4th grade guest reader

Room 101 had a special guest reader this morning.  Maeve, a forth grader and former student of Mrs. Parnell and Mrs. Hoyt, asked her teacher if she could visit us and read a story.  It was wonderful.  The students in room 101 loved it and were excellent listeners!
Maeve did a great job reading to us!

Fire Drill

We did a great job during our surprise fire drill yesterday!

A note from Mr. Lyons:  (the following was posted on Mr. Lyon's blog on April 9)

Today at Pine Glen Elementary School a smell was detected that was of concern. Staff and students left the building for a short time until the Burlington Fire Department determined it was safe to return to school. The Burlington Fire Department and faculties staff from Burlington determined that the smell was coming from a locksmith grinding a new lock. Locksmith work of this nature will no longer be conducted during school hours.