Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day Two was Dynamite!

We are on a roll!  Day two was Dynamite!
Students are learning the routines very quickly.  Everyone found their spot easily this morning, unpacked and settled in like experts.  Mrs. Parnell and Mrs. Hoyt were impressed with the boys and girls as they passed our "quiz" about the fundations lines.

Be sure to ask your children about Echo the Fundation's owl as he visited during circle time.  And perhaps your child will teach you a new song about building a house or "Tooty-Ta".

During our work-board time we created more pages for our Nursery Rhyme book, our color book and more!  We even re-created some of the Three Little Pig's houses!

We began working on our classroom calendar which includes days of the week, months, patterns and counting.  We will be marking and counting the number in days we are in school each month and keeping track overall of the number of days to 100!  We usually work toward a 100th day celebration.

In the afternoon we continued to explore math manipulative and created designs.  Each student was invited to share his/her creation with the class, describing what it was and the materials they used to create it.  It is wonderful to see students confidently taking "center stage" and presenting to their peers!

Yellow Day is tomorrow.  We will learn about Jack and Jill Nimble, share about more of our likes and dislikes for our "Getting to Know..." books,  and will work on our classroom rules.  Be sure to get plenty of rest.  This first week of school makes everyone very tired.

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