Thursday, October 30, 2014

Dracula visited Pine Glen!

Ms. P. of the Burlington Public Schools science center paid a visit to the Pine Glen kindergartners today.   She brought a great horned owl named Dracula.  We learned all about owls.  They are in the bird family, are nocturnal and do not really like people to touch them.  Dracula is special because she is a guest at the science center.  She was injured and unable to return to her natural habitat in the woods on Cape Cod.  She lives at a zoo on the Cape now but is staying at the science center while the zoo completes renovations.  Lucky us!

We learned about the owl's eyes, feathers and neck.  Did you know that an owl has twice as many neck bones as a human?!  That is how an owl can turn its neck nearly 360*.   Ms. P played a CD with the many different sounds that different species of owls make.  We were very good at replicating some of the sounds!

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