Thursday, March 19, 2015

Rock climbing - think before you move

Thank you Ms. Govoni!

This afternoon P.E. teacher, Ms. Govoni spent some time with us introducing us the rock climbing wall.  It was a special treat as this is an activity typically reserved for the bigger kids at Pine Glen.  The wall was installed as part of a grant given by the Burlington Education Foundation a few years ago.

There are many guidelines and rules that we adhere to in order to ensure that all are safe.  All kindergarteners were challenged to cross the wall only using the green hand and foot grasps.  It sure was tricky.  As students made their way across the wall they had to think of each move and look ahead to the impact of where they go will be as they need to make sure they can reach the next step.  As we discussed it was physically active being submerged in one of the coding activities we did last month!

This was really tricky!
Got to think before each move
It was super fun.
Stay on green all the way......

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