Sunday, September 25, 2016

First Edition of Our Kindergarten News!

We had the whole group lesson on how to be Word Detectives on Thursday afternoon.  On Friday,  we each got our own newspaper and we were word detectives.  We completed the word hunting for the first page at school.  There are two more pages that can be completed at home and then the Bb song is attached to the back.  The students use a different color marker to circle each of the news high frequency words. The Kindergarten News was addressed at Pine Glen's Open House and information was given to parents about how to read the news with their child.  Please refer to the packet if you have questions about the news.  The students were challenged to complete the news for homework. It is in the RED homework folder. If the students complete the Kindergarten Highlights page according to the kindergarten journal expectations a prize will be earned!  (See page in the news) We hope we have some students complete this challenge.  Please send the RED homework folders in by Friday so the next set of homework can be sent home. Your child can also highlight all the Bbs in the song and circle the to words.  Remember we circle the word to with a dark blue marker, crayon or colored pencil. 

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