Sunday, April 23, 2017

"Egg"cellent Day Before Vacation, Reminders and Wish List!

On Thursday, April 13th we had an "egg"cellent day. We started our day with an extension of our color mixing experimentation and we dyed our own spring eggs trying to hard to mix primary colors to create secondary colors. This experiment was challenging but fun! Hopefully all the spring eggs made it home safely!

We used eggs as fun learning tools! Before we went to lunch we all participated in a sight word egg hunt!  60 eggs, containing the 60 words we have learned thus far were hidden on the playground!  We went hunting with a list and when we found a word, we read it and checked it off! This was a fun way to practice our sight words.

We hope everyone had a great vacation and will come back to school tomorrow refreshed and ready to learn. We only have 44 days left together and we still have a lot of learning and fun planned for the remainder of the school year. Thank you for your ongoing support of our classroom! 

Reminders -

Please return zoo permission forms.   Also, please check student folder for recent invitations.  We are welcoming parents to help us with our community helpers unit. Your contributions to the home school connection are most appreciated!

We would love a few supplies to help us in the homestretch of the year:
Chalk (3 or 4 containers)
Shaving Cream - 3-4 cans of an inexpensive brand
Water Balloons  -
     - We need the balloons and will welcome volunteers to help fill them at a later date!
3-4 rolls of Bounty paper towels
3-4 boxes of tissues
sandwich zip lock bags
snack size zip lock bags
wet wipes - we strive to contain our germs and messes!

The most valuable contribution of course is you and your time!  We will be seeking additional volunteers for a variety of June activities!   Be sure to let Mrs. Parnell know of your June availability right away so special activities can be planned.  THANK YOU!

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