Monday, January 5, 2015

Blanket, quilt or afghan?

The area of Mrs. Parnell's quilt is 9 kindergarteners sitting up!
As we discussed the concept of area we agreed that we would use 3 types of measurements for the blankets, quilts and afghans  the students would be brining in.  We plan to measure how many students standing up, how many students sitting up or how many students lying down as our fun tool of measurement!
Before a student share's his or her special treasure from home we will play 20 questions.  Today we practiced with one of  Mrs. Parnell's daughter's quilts.  We did a great job at paying attention and there were no repeat questions!  After we revealed the quilt we measured it's length and width with rods.  We learned that we must be careful in order to measure accurately.
Some of us posed for a photo with the quilt.

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