Sunday, June 14, 2015

Tell us what you think and where you are from!

As this is posted we have over 1,000 views on the class blog this month!  Please be sure to click on the tab and give us some feedback!  Our 2014-2015 year in review page has comments from Canada and France!  Tell us where you are from.  We would love to have lots of feedback.  Tell us if you are in Massachusetts, or California, or Italy or India........we want to know!  We will be looking at maps and plotting where comments are coming from!


  1. Bonjour,
    Votre blog est formidable pour avoir des nouvelles des enfants et la façon dont ils travaillent.
    Amicalement Marcel BAGNOL FRANCE

  2. A special shout out thank you to our friends in France. We will share your home address with the students but will not post that comment on the blog.

  3. Hi; My name is Linwood Hoyt and I live in North Port, Florida. North Port is in South West Florida on the gulf of Mexico near Sarasota. Winters in this part of Florida are dry, very little rain between Oct and May and about 70 degrees every day. Summers are very warm and wet, about 90-95 degrees every day and rain nearly every afternoon about 4PM, sometime very heavy, but after 15 to 30 minutes the sun is out again. I was born in Maine and lived in Billerica for many years and because of the heat and humidity of Florida summers I visit New England for 3 months every summer. Enjoy your summer, I’ll be there in July to enjoy it with you. Lin Hoyt, North Port, Florida.