Thursday, March 24, 2016

Our Reward Day was Great!

Today we had a wonderful reward day! The students in Room 101 filled their popcorn incentive jar for the second time. The class voted for bring your stuffed animal/short movie/dance party day! We watched the movie Rechenka's Eggs on Reading Rainbow. We had read Patricia Polacco's book earlier this week. We learned about how Patricia made her beautiful eggs and then we attempted to create our own beautiful eggs with white crayons, sharpie markers and dye. The students loved this! They were so excited to decorate and dye their own spring egg.

We also brought out stuffed friends to school. We took pictures with them and wrote about them. Our stuffed friends also joined us in the gym for our dance party.

We played Freeze Dance and Four Corners with our stuffed friends. Then we played Musical Discs and we had a plastic egg relay race! It was difficult to balance the egg on the spoon! We had to practice walking and balancing the egg before the race. The green team won the race! The relay race was new to the Kindergartners and we will practice this teamwork skill again.

We ended our day by feeding our visiting animals in Beatrix Potter's Nursery. The frogs and toad needed to eat before the long weekend. The students were very excited to watch the frogs and the toad eat their cricket lunch!

We hope all of our families have a wonderful long weekend. Happy Spring!

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