Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A Busy Science Day!

Today we started our day with Mr. Musselman. He visited our classroom to do a cloud presentation. Throughout the school year we have been leaning about the four seasons. The weather that happens in the seasons and about different temperatures throughout the seasons. Today Mr. Musselman spoke to us about how clouds can predict the weather. He also showed us how to make our own cloud! This was really interesting!

Nature Walk!
This afternoon Miss Pavlicek came to our classroom and introduced us to living versus non-living things. We had a discussion about how you know something is living. Miss P. told us that living things need sun, water, shelter, oxygen and food to live. We then went on a nature walk through Pine Glen's nature trail recently renovated by Adam Jankoski. A past Pine Glen student. He cleaned up the nature trail for his Eagle Scout project. He did a wonderful job and we enjoyed our walk with Miss P. We found many living things on our walk. We saw many insects, a duck, a toad, deciduous trees, evergreen trees, ferns, moss and an endangered lady slipper flower. It was a great day!

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