Thursday, June 1, 2017

Protect the Popscicle Part 3

Today we were FINALLY able to test our shade structures! The temperature was cooler but the sun was still shining. The students discussed the best position for their shade structures and determined how to put their freezepops in the shade.  We put one freezepop directly in the sun so we could compare it to the others.  While waiting for the freezepops to start melting, the students shared design details and predictions with the rest of the class.  They appeared confident to share and excited to see what the results would be!

The students in Room 101 made some great scientists and engineers!  They enjoyed the hands-on experience and commented several times on how much fun they had! Hopefully they will remember and apply what they learned this summer on those really hot days!  We were lucky that all the Room 101 parents gave permission and the students were allowed to eat a freezepop!  We celebrated a successful engineering project with eating a freezepop.  It was fun to see the students experimenting with the freezepops and comparing the different amounts of liquid in their own freezepops.  

They also participated in a discussion about how they would modify their shade structures to be even more effective and what we can learn from this experiment.  I was impressed with their ability to make applications such as "Wearing darker colors on a sunny day can make you warmer," and "It's better to wear lighter colors when it's hot."

Ms. DiMarzo helped demonstrate how much freezepop was protected.
The  structure that protected the purple freeze pop was most effective! 

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