Sunday, November 20, 2016

We are BUSY in Kindergarten!

This week we created our own board games. We have been focusing on our Fundations and connecting letters and the sounds that they make. We hope to play these games at school and learn how to cooperate, take turns playing correctly and practice our skills as we play! After we play these games at school we will send them home to play for further reinforcement.

We also started a new book about the Nutcracker. We have read a couple versions of the Nutcracker, looked at pointe shoes and we have started listening to the Nutcracker music.  We also have a choice station with different Nutcracker finger puppets and real Nutcrackers for students to become familiar with and use their imagination to create their own stories.  Soon we will learn some Nutcracker dances!

At another station the students have been using to practice their letter formation is tracing the big "road like" letters with Math Box cars the Kindergarten way.

We read a Lets Find Out on wild turkeys and labeled a turkey.

We also completed our Thanksgiving What will We Eat book by creating our own patterns on the cover.

We also finished our Thanks A Lot book. We illustrated this book to make us more familiar with Raffi's song. We will be singing this song on Monday, November 21st at our Kindergarten Feast.

We are proud our of books!

Blocks continue to be a popular choice.

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