Saturday, November 26, 2016

Wild Wednesday!

Last Wednesday was WILD for Pine Glen Students! We started our day by working on a couple turkey pages for Thanksgiving. Then we went to the gym and watched retired Burlington Science Center director Mr. Papadonis and Mr. Musselman perform a couple science experiments with pumpkins. 

Mr. Musselman showed us a chemical reaction with liquids and dish soap and he created a bubble volcano.

Mr. Papadonis created a chemical reaction with liquid chemicals, enclosed gas and a spark form a propane torch lighter. It made a huge bang and the pumpkin EXPLODED!  
Thank you Mr. Papadonis and Mr. Musselman for an AWESOME science show!

After the science show we went outside to watch the 3rd, 4th and 5th graders run the annual turkey trot. After all the runs we started the Pine Glen Walk-A-Thon. The kindergartners did a great job walking around Pine Glen. There is still time to turn in sponsor sheets.

When we finished our walk we posed for a chilly class picture. All students received participation ribbons from the Pine Glen PTO. Great job Room 101.

We went inside to warm up and to have a snack. We watched The Peanuts Thanksgiving while we ate our snacks.

Then we created snow people and snowflakes for our classroom door and bulletin board in the hallway. We are getting into the winter spirit in Room 101. We made giant candles that are also being displayed in the hallway. When parents are in for conferences next week please be sure to check out our new decorations!

We ended our day passing out prizes for students who took the time and extra effort to complete the Kindergarten Highlights page in the Kindergarten News. We also took a picture with the 20% postcard we received from ST Math. Thanks Jiji for the encouragement to keep us all interested! At conferences we will distribute information about how your child can use this math program at home. 

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