Friday, December 23, 2016

Pine Glen Innovation Day

On Wednesday, December 21st Pine Glen School had an Innovation Day. Mr. Lyons gave us permission to explore things that are outside our curriculum for the day. Our day was AMAZING! We started our day with ST Math. Today the students were able to choose comfy spot to work on ST Math. They appeared to like lounging and working!

Next Mrs. Thompson came in and read a book about differences. She focused on how all people use different tools to help them be more successful. After she read the story she gave the students in Room 101 the opportunity to try out some of the tools some of the students at Pine Glen may use to be more successful at school. 

Then our 4th grade partners came down to Room 101 to have GINGERBREAD DAY!  All students made there own gingerbread cookie. They rolled our their own dough, used the cookie cutter to make the gingerbread and then decorated the cookie the way they wanted. Such FUN! Students were not allowed to eat anything at school, but they all looked forward to consuming their creations at home. 

Station number 2 was creating a gingerbread house. This was a difficult job, but the students worked together and created masterpieces and then decorated with all kinds of treats!

Station 3 was to create a foam gingerbread person. The students were very creative and their gingerbread people looked adorable. They were decorated with puffy paint, glitter glue, tissue paper, google eyes and Sharpies. These creations are taking a long time to dry. They will be sent home today. 

Station 4 was creating a gingerbread board game. The 4th graders helped the kindergartners make the game. These games are in the Winter goody bag.

The finished cookies on trays waiting to be baked. I hope Carol in the kitchen waits the full 8 minutes or we may have gingerbread people running all around Pine Glen! Ha, ha.  In preparation for this day the 4th graders read many different versions of the Gingerbread Boy to the kindergartners!

Our cookies came out great!  We had to pose with our creations to include them in our Kindergarten Memory Book!

We ended our day with a little Electricity. We have been learning all about different holidays and how light plays a role in each one. The students were challenges to create a closed circuit and light up holiday lights with batteries. It took a little while for the students to work with a partner to try out different ideas they had, but they figured it out! Natalia and Emma were first to make the discovery. Then they helped their classmates! 

We also learned a little about conductors and insulators and used a special owl that the Science Center had created! The students explored these materials during work board time on Thursday. It is so exciting seeing their brains work at a problem and stay so engaged right before our holiday break! Yea kindergartners.

Room 101's Winter Snowman bags went home yesterday with all kinds of items the students created. We hope you were able to look through this giant bag!  Enjoy the vacation. See you in 2017!

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