Tuesday, December 27, 2016

K & 4th Grade Animal Project Viewing!

On Friday, December 23rd we had an amazing Animal Video viewing party with our 4th grade partners. Hopefully soon we will be able to post the youtube videos. We had a great time watching and learning about all the animals that were researched, wrote about and created scenery and masks about. It was a multi-faceted project. The results showed tremendous growth in learning, engagement and multi-aged friendships!

Evan, Aaron and Neimehia

Will, Tyler and Nolan

Sophia, Nora and Ava

Annabella and Althea.

Emma and her partner.

Rocco, Eiko and Alex

Owen C., Mackenzie and

Harrison and Caden

Owen M. and his partner

Mila and her partner

Ethan and Camden

Sydney and Sarah

Ella and Ashley

Brennan and Steven

Natalia, Isabella and Alex

Dillon and Sinjith

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