Monday, January 16, 2017

Blanket Update

The students in Room 101 have been working hard on their blanket, quilt and afghan news. They are enjoying playing the 20 questions game, measuring the items and creating paper quilts! We are working hard but having a lot of fun in the process!

Natalia and Emma were measuring the length and width of Natalia's baby blanket.

Natalia chose for the students to stand on her blanket to measure the area of the blanket. 9 Kindergartners fit on the blanket- but there was standing room only! 

Harrison chose to figure out the area of his blanket by having classmates lie on his blanket. 6 Kindergartners lying down fit on Harrison's blanket.

Owen brought in our first afghan. His grandmother made it! It was beautiful.

Owen and Evan measured the length and width of the afghan.

Owen also chose to have the student lie on his afghan to figure out the area. 6 Kindergartners lying down was the area of Owen's blanket too!

Evan brought in his special frog blanket.

Evan chose to have the students lie on his blanket too. Only 3 kindergartners lying down fit on the blanket.

Mila had her classmates sit on her blanket to figure out the area. 12 students sitting on the blanket was the area!

Rocco brought in his quilt. We made comparisons between his quilt and the paper quilts that we are making. The students saw that within the quilt square on Rocco's quilt are 6 rectangles. On the paper quilt squares we are making there are many triangles!

Rocco chose to have students lie on his quilt. There was a bit more room on the quilt, but the students decided another student lying down would not fit.

Rocco and Ethan worked together to figure out the length and width of Rocco's quilt. 

On Friday's during the month of January the students are working in cooperative groups creating paper quilts for each other. Watching the collaboration and group effort on these creations is so nice to see. We have made 9 quilts so far, so we are more than half done now. We will post the completed projects soon, so please stay tuned!

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