Sunday, January 29, 2017

It's a Wrap on Our Blankets!

We have completed our blanket, quilt and afghan unit. The students really enjoyed this unit! They loved sharing their special blankets, quilts and afghans. During this unit the students practiced their oral language by asking complete questions about their special items. They practiced math skills when figuring out the length, width and area of their special items and when we used our knowledge of geometry to cut squares into triangles to create the pinwheel pattern on our paper quilts. The students had to work in cooperative groups to help each other make these paper quits. The finished products are beautiful. Please see pictures below! 
Ella and her blanket.

Ella chose to have her classmates lie down to find out the area.

Ethan and his blanket.

Ethan asked Natalia to help him measure his blanket.

Annabella and her afghan.

Annabella chose to have the students stand on her afghan to figure out the area.

Will and his blanket.

Will asked Owen to help him measure his blanket.

Steven brought in his quilt.

Steven had his friend lie on his quits to figure out the area.

Mrs. Parnell taught a mini-lesson on how to make the paper quilt. This is an example of procedural poster. She had the students actually perform each step so they would be ready to make the quilts the next morning. We referred to this poster each of the three weeks before having the students create their own paper quilts. This proceed was very successful and the quilts came out beautiful.

making the quilts

Mila and her quilt.

Natalia and her quilt.

Will and his quilt.

Owen and his quilt.

Our quilts are being displayed in the hallway outside our classroom. Many visitors have stopped by to see our beautiful work and learn more about the students in our classroom.

The students love looking at the quilts. They will be sent home some time next month for families to treasure!

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