Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Morning Meeting with Mrs. Hoyt's Class!

On Monday morning we started off our week by having a Morning Meeting with Mrs. Hoyt's kindergarten class! The students in Room 101 made space in our morning circle so that a new friend from Room 103 could sit on either side of them. Mrs. Parnell and Mrs. Hoyt modeled how to introduce yourself and that is what we did for our morning greeting. After the introductions were made Room 101 became the audience for Mrs. Hoyt's students when they shared their expert kindergarten "How to" writing.  Room 101 was impressed with Room 103's writing! Room 103 students shared with Room 101 students the steps and process they went through to do their writing. 

Mrs. Parnell challenged Room 101 students to create their own "How to" writing.  Mrs. Hoyt then  invited us back to her classroom for another Morning Meeting for students in Room 101 to share their writing with the students in Room 103! Today Room 101 students completed their "How to" writing and tomorrow we will go to Mrs. Hoyt's room to participate and share at their Morning Meeting.  It has been a busy week already and it is only Tuesday! It is very exciting to have a audience for our writing. The students were very engaged and excited to be able to share their writing with a classmate!

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