Monday, March 27, 2017

Aquarium and Magnet Units

During the month of March we have focused on two science themes. We have been learning about fish and other creatures that live in the sea. We created our own books about the sea creatures, a tidal pool booklet, and we created diagrams of fish. We have explored Mrs. Parnell's shell collection and we have watched many you tube videos about sea creatures and we have visited the New England Aquarium website to get us ready for our field trip. We are all very excited about the trip!

Our second theme this month was on magnets. The students learned that magnets have a north and south pole, opposite poles attract (stick or pull together) and like poles repel (push apart). The students learned that some metals stick to magnets and others do not stick to the magnet. Another fact they learned his that magnets come in many different shapes and sizes and the biggest magnet is the Earth! The students enjoyed using the Science Centers testing kits to categorize magnetic items and non magnetic items. We look forward to Mr. Musselman coming back next month to do the Magnet Show for us.

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