Friday, March 31, 2017

Kindergarteners Can Persuade You!

The students in Room 101 have been working on our persuasive writing unit. Students know that a persuasive document must introduce you to what they want, have some reasons or evidence and give a strong directive or request.

Our class is learning that writers often need to take a bit of time to fine tune their thoughts and work through the mechanics of getting it just right! We discuss our ideas, brainstorm, and reflect throughout the process.  

Over the past few weeks we have made persuasive posters that are hanging in front of our classroom now and will be sent home soon to encourage others to read our favorite books.  We then turned the information in our posters into video statements with the help of Ms. Small and Mr. Donoff.  We also persuaded a leprechaun named Liam to hide his treasure in our classroom.  Next week we will be working on letters to Ms. Pavlicek of the science center. We will be trying to persuade her that we would be able to take care of a new pet in our classroom and have a new pet visit our classroom.  

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