Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Turn and Talk- Butterfly Life Cycle

Practicing Turn and Talk.

To help demonstrate our knowledge about the lifecycle of a butterfly we participated in a Turn and Talk exercise today.  Last week students created a diagram of the lifecycle.  They colored pictures, added various pasta shapes to represent the stages and labeled each.  Today students were assigned partners to turn to and explain their diagram.  This activity is explained explicitly before we begin.  Partners should be facing each other with knees touching, eyes watching and ears listening.  Each partner is assigned a number (either 1 or 2) and then the teacher tells which number to do the talking and which number to do the listening.

This exercise is great for many reasons.  1- Each student has a voice and an audience.  2- Everyone is expected to share and knows they will have a turn.  3- It is a fast and easy way for us teachers to listen to all and get a quick handle as to whether the ideas are sticking with the students.  4- Specific language is expected to be used in the correct context.

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