Saturday, April 18, 2015

Heading into vacation

Heading into our vacation we were still pretty busy yesterday!
Using the scale to weigh various objects.

We continued our work on math exploring and learning about various, measurable attributes.  We have discussed length and height and yesterday worked on capacity and depth.  The scales were fun to play with and the water measuring for capacity was a little messy!
We learned that if the scale is not balanced, two object that should be equal may not be.
Reading and listening to our Let's Find Out Magazine on Earth Day!

Before heading to the library to begin a special project on Poetry, students did some reading and writing with Mrs. Parnell as they read the Scholastic, Let's Find Out Magazine addition on Earth Day!

Earth Day work with Mrs. Parnell.

Students were sent home with a note encouraging them not to let their brains take too much of a vacation!  Suggestions included daily reading, practicing math flashcard words and high frequency words.  

Have a wonderful and refreshing vacation.  When we return we will be working writing a new book, illustrating a book by Lois Elhert and a unit on planting in addition to learning about different types of jobs and preparing for our circus trip!

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