Monday, April 13, 2015

Writers - Comments Invited!

Students writing about Patch.

This afternoon students discussed that it would be helpful if we all came to an agreement about what good kindergarten writing looks like.  We also concluded that having a list to check off each task accomplished will help us remember all that we need to strive for.  We want to share our findings and seek your input in the comment section.

 End sentences with punctuation.   (., !, ?)
Capital letter at the beginning of the sentence.
Leave two finger spaces between each word.
Writing matches our illustration.
Add describing words (adjectives) in our writing.
Spell flashcard words correctly.
Lots of details in our illustrations.

Next we shared samples of other students writing.  We wanted our students to see the various stages of kindergarten writing:  Pre-Writers, Emergent Writers, Developing Writers, Capable Writers and Proficient Writers.

Finally, Mrs. Hoyt shared a picture and some information about her dog, Patch and invited students to write about him.  We hope to share our writing and illustrations with her daughter, Cat when she visits and perhaps will post some of the writing for you to see next week!  We hope everyone is able to accomplish all the goals we collectively set for our writing!

Note:  Mrs. Parnell and Mrs. Hoyt also want to show our students that we can interact and get feedback about student work in many ways.  We want students to see that there are many viewers looking at our class blog and that we should always strive to do our best work as many, many people will see it.  

Please add a comment about our writing goals for us to share with students.  Teachers will be reviewing and then publishing comments for students to see.

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