Monday, May 23, 2016

Fabulous Friday

We had a great day. Before lunch we Dropped Everything and Read with our 4th grade partners. Mrs. Visocchi's class came to Room 101. The kindergartners and the fourth graders partnered up and took turns reading to each other in the dark using flashlights!!! We had a lot of fun together doing this reading activity!

After lunch Connor's mom came in and spoke to us about her Community Helper job. She is a Dental Hygeinist. Mrs. McElroy was a wonderful guest. She did a great job telling us about her job. She taught us how to take better care of our teeth. She demonstrated how to brush your teeth the correct way and how to floss. She also played a game with us and gave all the students a goody bag with their own new Minions toothbrush, floss and a coloring sheet. Thank you for teaching us about your job!

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