Friday, October 13, 2017

Highlights of Week 5

Our 5th week was busy as usual! We worked on many things including...

We played roll and record the flashcard word.

We worked on our 5 Little Pumpkins book.

We learned how to write the letter f.

We used the Fundations letter boards for the first time!

We also learned about the letter m.

We had some time at choices. The block area is a popular choice.

In Science we learned more about Living and Non-living things.

We had Weather Wednesday and recorded the weather in our observation books.

We rolled the dice and then matched the number on the ghost using the bingo stampers.

We worked on our Body books.

We wrote in our journals.

We learned about the number 7.

Thank you to Mrs. Faranda and Mrs. Dyment for helping us in the classroom this week.

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