Monday, October 12, 2015

Animal Families

We sorted the rest of the Beanie Babies today.  The breakdown for the other 5 animal families is below.  The students were able to use some of our math terms to identify which animal family had the most- Mammals with 148, which family had the least- the fish family with 4, which groups were equal (or the same as)- the amphibian and insect families with 5 each.  We were also able to compare an the students told me that there were fewer reptiles than birds.  We did a lot of grouping, 1 to 1 correspondence, counting 10 100 by tens and we also categorized the animals based on the animal characteristics. There was a lot of math and science happening in this lesson!
There were 5 insects.
There were 5 amphibians.
There were 7 reptiles.
There were 31 birds.
There were 4 fish.

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